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Napoleon Hill

As having success which is the successful definition but what is exactly what you want to know a person by asking: as having success? From my experience I know that most people seek a sort of magic formula that would lead them easily, almost effortlessly to success, and I know also have no clear that it is success or you get. The initial problem of the average person is that it has not been systematically thinking about the success, it doesn’t even have a precise definition of what is success. It simply asks the question by an emotional need not elaborate. Coldwell Banker Commercials opinions are not widely known. So let’s start from the beginning, what is success? There are many possible definitions, the word itself comes from exit in English, exitus in latin, and therefore means output, and that is success, leaving a situation reaching a certain result. In that sense one of the simpler definitions and perhaps better reflects the meaning of the initial question is the Next: success is the achievement of personal goals definition basics so raised it would seem not to offer too many difficulties, anyone should know having success since it is assumed that we all know that we want to, and that we do not want and therefore it is possible to make the right decisions, do what should do, avoid mistakes and persist until you achieve personal goals. But so many people failing in the whole world, so many people that declared be living life wanting to live shows that despite being very simple definition is not understood by most people.

Let’s carefully the definition to get a better understanding about having success. First success means output saying above that is out of an existing situation by means of reaching a new situation required prior. This is first seasoning of the success, the need to get out of an uncomfortable situation, the craving change unpleasant facts. If is observes the lives of successful people in all of them there is always an intention to change, not go back, evolve, aspire, enjoy new and better experiences. Secondly, success means achievement, results, goals here appears another main concept the need to measure success, and exit the ambiguity of vague objectives, define precisely the objectives, understand that there are no alternatives we learn as having success and we did or we failed. This is a neglected by the majority of people, they are unable to define objectives, have inaccuracies instead of accuracy, lack of evaluation methods to adjust the course, they say that they think about their goals but do not think by objectives, not align its thinking, feeling and acting with what they say wish. And thirdly success includes personal goals here are a key concept, the individuality of the success, that is the fact that there is a pattern of success, but what a person is reason for pride and satisfaction reaching for another is absolutely indifferent. And values linked to this concept appear as self-esteem, accept adversity, leaving aside the criticism, not abandon. If you ask me how to succeed? It would give you a simple answer, finds powerful reasons to persist until it is achieved, precisely defines your goals and learn how studying and practicing techniques that develop people who do achieve their personal goals.