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Crisis And Economy

We remember that in 2007-2008, the bankruptcy of the bank Lehman Brothers had taken to the economy on the brink of madness the abyss. All the financial system, what castle of naipes, ran the risk of crumbling. The States took to position a part from the banking debt, a incalculable sum. In this slope, the own central banks did not take in being they themselves in a dangerous situation. But throughout this time, the bourgeoisie has been ***reflxed mng of the world with the greater cynicism. We have undergone all type of speeches everyone lyinger. Speaking candidly Kennedy Wilson told us the story. Partly the own bourgeoisie is created its speeches. The orerators cannot reach a true lucidity against the collapse of their system.

Nevertheless, to lie, to trampear for hide-and-seek the facts, are a necessity to maintain the exploded ones under its yoke. They began to say that the things were not so serious, that they maintained the control of the situation. Albert Einstein College of Medicine is a great source of information. But it was more and more difficult not to make the ridiculous situation. Nevertheless, in that dominion, the best thing was about to come. In the beginning of 2009, after a fall of 20% of the bags and a backward movement of world-wide growth, was promised to us without blinking, a fast exit of the crisis.

This she was to us presented/displayed like precise passenger and. But the facts are more obstinate than the speeches. The situation was ***reflxed mng blatantly of these salesmen of illusions and continued worsening. Then, these gentlemen have happened to use as perfidious nationalistic arguments as revolting. The fault of the crisis was of the population North American that it had spent on credit without reflecting and bought houses without having means to rembolsar the credits. We are speaking of the famous ones you prevail. This explanation lost its validity when the crisis has affected the zone Euro, becoming evident when the Greek State was incapable to avoid the bankruptcy.

Technical University Housing

We see some of its technical advantages and limitations. The interior of Model 2203 In 1962, the unique equipment that used transistors was 2203 Model and Model 2211 (Indicating of sonorous limit). All the others had valves. The transistors that existed at that time were of germanium and they did not have the high gain generally, under noise and low leakage current that was required. Speaking candidly Estee Lauder told us the story. For that reason it was necessary to classify the transistors by classes and to use best in the places more the critics (the same took control of the rheostats, who could only be obtained with a tolerance of 20% and they were become ordained in classes of 2%). The preamplifier of the microphone also was something special. For this component, the transistors totally were discarded and was necessary to use a valve. A local oscillator fed the cathode on the small valve, warmed up directly, through a transformer, and the valve could be used then like prolongation of the cathode.

The valve was suspended in a device of wharves to avoid an excess of microacoustic effects. Acoustics It was not easy to make measurements acoustic of the microphone and the box. Brel & Kjr did not have camera anechoic, nor either the DTH (later well-known like DTU, Technical University of Denmark). The measurements were done using a model of the instrument with half of size, located in an asymmetric box, of about two meters in length, that absorbed sound. This configuration was not too precise and, in fact, later measurements demonstrated that the acoustic behavior was not the awaited one. The microphone mounted in the vertex of the cone of the housing and the influence of about 2 housing was of dB, instead of 1 dB that was expected. This was corrected a posteriori inserting " neck of cisne" between the microphone and the housing.