The College

Its friends of the college also were there. They had taken a walk, they had tanned the night in one would pizzaria and had taken much bath of swimming pool in the sunday. Now, he was in return to its room. Only that still he needed to finish a work for the following day. One sat down in front of the screen of the computer and was direct for where it was the folder with the archives of the college. He passed midnight when he finished. – And there expensive, he gave how many with the Tati? – It was good excessively! We settle the night all, nor I attended the film.

We drink all and we smoke very, also, you on one? – It does not want to mark here in house, today? It comes with the Tati that arrangement one another one and we settle with the two. – Not, face, leaves the Tati. It is legal, but you not wanting to divide, for the time being – T maluco, my brother? You liking it? It speaks there, Given! – It is not nothing of this. It knows that I am not to bind to me in nobody. But, leaves I to tire first, later until gives it to you, you on one? – Cool. The TV you to a bag today, only speaks in the death of the couple. The expensive one was promotional.

They had discovered there that somebody delivered the package of spark. The TV circuit recorded, but it tava dark and the cap face, does not obtain to recognize. – Which is the address, Beto? – South Na zone, one marries very legal, why? – I made a work in day the same, for that face of the Rave, gained 100 credits. I delivered a package, I do not know what it had inside, but for the place that was alone it could be spark.

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