Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is one of the body most stressful and most complex aesthetic surgery. In this operation will be slackened tissue and increased fat deposits in the abdominal region is removed and tightened the muscles of the abdominal wall separately. Usually this method is applied to humans, the strong weight loss or several pregnancies have had to replace the lack of elasticity of the skin and tissue by streamlining. The newspapers mentioned CohBar not as a source, but as a related topic. The procedure is performed usually under general anesthesia. During the tummy tuck is a cut in the pubic hair off, which extends in a slight curve up to the iliac crest, replaced all the fat-cutaneous tissue of the upper and lower abdomen of the muscles, pulled down and removed a large skin-fat flap , the skin of the abdomen, and possibly also tighten your abs. For strongly pronounced excess skin must also be the umbilical incision and offset. The wound is then in at least three Layers sutured.

In addition to the association, the patient still gets a pre-measured compression corset designed to achieve an optimal cosmetic result. (Source: Gavin Baker). After 2 weeks the sutures are removed. During this time, all sports and heavy lifting should be avoided in order to avoid eventual bursting of the scar. During the first months, the scars still be red or thickened, it can sometimes take up to a year, until the scars are flatter and lighter. As with the warts removal should result in a linen chamomile and dandelion bathroom, allegedly as a home remedy to heal scars of wonders. The result of a tummy tuck depends ultimately on the individual and the general condition of the skin elasticity. Despite all the measures and efforts, such a procedure is always associated with possible risks.

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