Wall Concrete Blocks

Concrete block (cinder blocks) – is a versatile building material, first-class replacement usual brick, monolith, foam, and gazoblokam. Appointment of concrete block wall – bearing construction (internal and external) and partition walls in a residential (civil) and industrial buildings for the erection of a lot and low-rise buildings. Also, the concrete blocks are widely used in the construction of decorative fences, in other words – the fences. In of the concrete wall (also called peschanobetonnye, peskobetonnye, peschanotsementnye) blocks are sand, gravel, cement, and plasticizers, which improve their physical characteristics. Thus, Concrete blocks are safe from an environmental point of view, America and many European countries, such blocks are called “biobloki.” These blocks are not afraid of the negative impact of the environment – they are not afraid of rain, wind, frost and high temperature. From moisture, as you know, it only gets stronger the concrete (at least the first 50 years) and at high temperatures, direct sunlight, does not emit harmful to humans. Based on the foregoing, Concrete wall blocks – excellent building material for walls, as well as weather conditions for these units are not terrible, they are ideal for cladding of buildings and building fences. Among other things, simply laid under unravel the blocks are neat and a good appearance, and fences made of concrete blocks, look neat and rich.

Thanks to the cutting of voids in the blocks, they can be reinforced and concrete – that is, they can serve as a permanent form. This is especially in demand when there is a need to make monolithic columns, or to further strengthen the walls, the construction of the basement (basement) floor. Cost of concrete blocks is much lower than virtually all such materials for the construction of walls, including brick and other building blocks. The main advantages, besides lower prices, include the following: compared with the brick, masonry block is 3 … 5 times faster binder solution required 2.5 times less, compared to the foam and gazoblokami, concrete blocks are much stronger, which absorbs less moisture and are not afraid of her actions. Hollow core concrete blocks are widely used in America and many European countries.

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