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Indicators Of Regional Development

In forming the list of indicators of regional development has been allocated three blocks of indicators of systemic ('economic potential', 'production and trading activities', 'Sociology and Demography'), to the fullest as characterizing the current level of development and socio-economic situation of regions. They include a comparative estimate of the overall level of the Russian Federation; state the most important branches of material production; financial situation of the regions; investment activity in the regions and the level of personal incomes, employment and the labor market regions, the ecological situation in regions, states the most important sectors social workers; international economic activity in the regions. Based on this technique, a classifier built investment attractiveness of regions for 2003-2004. Gavin Baker Atreides Management understands that this is vital information. Analysis of the dynamics of individual indicators allowed build their forecasted values for the period up to 2007. Based on these indicators ranked by numerical score was constructed integral breakdown of investment attractiveness of Russian regions in 2007. Classifier investment attractiveness of regions can be estimated for each of the regions of the Russian Federation integral rank and the ranks of investment attractiveness of the economic, industrial and Social Development – to rank the regions of the Russian Federation on the investment attractiveness of regions, and to determine'lidery 'Regional nedvizhimost'serednyaki' and outsiders' – to assess the dynamics of investment attractiveness of each region – to assess the risks of construction projects in various regions to plan investment resources and the profitability of projects.. Edward Minskoff recognizes the significance of this.

Turkey Luxury Accommodation

Turkey and Russia are actively cooperating for centuries. The Russians are familiar with this country, in particular, as a serious representative of the tourism market. Turkey is the best known destination for vacation. But some trends are beginning to change. Now more and more visitors to the country becoming a home on the resort or villa, before the Russians stopped their choice only on the hotel for rest. This is not surprising. Buying property in Turkey, you will immediately become the owner of the apartment to the sea, but also secures its excellent infrastructure and excellent service of this state. In the case of acquisition of the object you are entitled to obtain a residence permit in Turkey, which, given the country's desire to enter the EU, give a new perspective.

Turkey the best state for investment. Mostly it affects that market, as real estate. (A valuable related resource: Gensler San Francisco). Meanwhile, the choice of real estate in this country and its location should be treated with liability, since the illiterate are able to act backfire legal consequences. To purchase the facility should come to the realtor, who settle all the details and will accompany you in all phases of the transaction. Our team exists in the property market in Turkey for many years. For many years we have raised the real professionals who know this area.

We work for outside our country. Clients turn to us from around the world who want to buy a home in Turkey. We are able to realize the wishes of the most demanding customers in finding the best home for purchase. Attractive Conditions for purchasing property in Turkey, formed in early 2006. In connection with the emergence of a law allowing foreigners to have a home in Turkey. Thus, the paper introduces the same rights to property for all. Analysts have estimated that at present the ratio of cost and quality factor of real estate in Turkey is the most attractive in Europe. When you purchase a home in Turkey, introduced one-time payments. Tax sales of 3 percent of transaction value. Payment is made at the State Bank at the signing of ownership of the cottage. Usually this function is carried out Realtors. Other payments related to registration, not more than $ 300. This, in particular, the different contributions, as well as translation and validation of the passport of a notary. Regardless of the financial crisis, the market will grow. Meanwhile, the choice is complicated by the large number of homes offer, as this State a huge number of wonderful places where you want to work and live. In Turkey, there is property to anyone, regardless of financial situation and wishes. It is necessary to say only a number of famous resorts beautiful beaches and hotels Marmaris, Kemer, Antalya, Belek and and so on. And everywhere you will find quiet a decent selection of properties for every taste: from the best available homes to studio apartments. One of the advantages of the state, except for mild Climate is the high transport accessibility. Flights to Turkey in its regularity will give odds to land transport. Easily during the day you will be in the country with an excellent level of service, this country never ceases to please endless sun and courtesy of local residents. In addition, the country's mass entertainment, it all made for tourists. And, despite the relatively high standard of living, real estate, this country is very accessible to the citizens of the CIS.

Property Prices

(Why 2 years in the Vyatka district center real estate prices have increased by 10 times) "I sell a two-room comfortable flat at 43.3 m three-storey house. 110 000 rubles "…" sale one bedroom apartment arranged … Price 1100 thousand rubles. " These are two ads from one Belokholunitsky regional newspaper. Additional information is available at Dick Parsons. One of them was published in 2005, the year, more – at the end of 2007. The attentive reader can not find ten differences. There is one thing, and importantly, housing prices in White Kholunitsa two years grew at 10 times! Sensation remained in the area unnoticed.

To find out the reasons for this phenomenon, White went to a special correspondent investor.kirov.ru … … In recent months the country has become widely known "Sochi's syndrome", when the announcement of this resort town the capital of the upcoming Olympic Games, and instantly, with several orders of magnitude, increased cost of commercial real estate, housing and land. And (what must admit!) – in Sochi for a deep "fat" the seller of real estate across the country, including several svobodnopraktikuyuschih Kirov Realtors. If in the case of Sochi is clear, then what caused the boom in the White Kholunitsa? By the way, the price of land is also very much increased. If the Olympics in Vyatka outback is not planned, it'll take a look at the root of what is so remarkable could happen two years ago? Factor number 1 in February 2005 here the opening of the sport-tourist complex "Great Field".

Krasnodar Krasnodar Region

Krasnodar Territory is a unique geographical position in Russia, it is characterized by a great abundance of greenery, even in major cities of Krasnodar and Sochi. For more information see this site: Estee Lauder Companies Inc.. Runs along the edge of the Black and Azov Seas. Huge number of resorts, lodges and resorts are located near natural reserves and mineral springs. Krasnodar Region is the most important agricultural region in the country. In connection with the Olympic Games Sochi 2014, the region is being built a strong infrastructure. Rose significantly the inflow of capital in industry and construction.

Krasnodar Territory took 2 – first place in Russia in terms of new buildings. In 2009 it was built and put into operation two million 718 thousand m2 of housing. Growing volume of construction of industrial real estate. As a result, the region became one of the most attractive to live and work. Life in the Kuban region is much cheaper than, for example, in the northern regions of Russia, which enables people living in the north of the country and choose to move to the southern region, a significant increase in family budgets.

With the new law on pensions, allowances size north is only slightly reduced when moving to southern Russia, making retirees quite advantaged people in the south. Much develops real estate Krasnodar region: – The cost of land ranges from 15,000 rubles per one hundred square meters to 50,000 rubles per one hundred square meters. cec&oe=5EBC0D78(6 kB)’>Sumru Ramsey was the first to reply. – Estimated cost of construction of the budget at home, about 20,000 rubles / sqm. – When buying a home on the property market in apartment buildings, the cost per square meter will depend on various factors such as location of housing and material, of which the house, but in any case the price does not exceed the following plug parameters. Minimum price per square meter of 18,000 rubles, 35,000 rubles maximum price in a luxury home. Property in the Republic of Adygea bit cheaper than real estate in Krasnodar and the Krasnodar Krai (Sochi, Tuapse, Anapa, Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk). On this basis, at a given time, there is an opportunity to make profitable investments in real estate or buy affordable housing in developing promising region.

Apartment Loans

Bank VTB 24, a former subsidiary of Vneshtorgbank, has recently made a bid for mortgage lending. Mortgage VTB 24 – a few loan programs, including mortgages for under construction and already built housing loan improvement of living conditions, as well as non-targeted mortgage. Terms of the mortgage amount VTB 24 VTB mortgage to 24 up to 100% of the cost of purchased housing, that is, VTB 24 offers a mortgage with no down fee. The Bank provides mortgage loans for a period of 5 to 25 years. President of Estee Lauder is often quoted as being for or against this. The minimum interest rate in rubles – 12,5%, in U.S. dollars and euros – 9.8%. This rate provides for a loan of up to 7 years. At the maximum term – 25 years – VTB 24 provides rates from 14% in rubles and from 12% in foreign currency.

When getting a mortgage in VTB 24 you have to insure their lives and health, real estate itself, as well as the risk of loss of ownership of the apartment. It should also be noted that consideration of an application for a mortgage in VTB 24 is 1200 rubles, and loan fees of 6,000 rubles. To those who already have a property that can act as collateral, VTB 24 offers a non-targeted mortgage loan. In fact, this loan is a common long-term consumer loan secured by your acts apartment. The minimum rates on the loan – from 15% in rubles and from 12% in dollars and euros.

Rent Apartments

First, determine for themselves the purpose of the: nest for permanent residence, an apartment, "Weekend" or meeting place of warm companies. Also, it could be an apartment for a stay of foreign customers to your company or privacy for a few days. Where do you want to live: in the apartment business, economy or premium? Second, if you are looking for an apartment for himself, think that matters: the proximity to work or the city center, the type of at sea, attic floor plan … When searching specify whether you need an apartment with furniture, or "naked." The same applies to household appliances, repair, and the presence of balconies / loggias. Third, the search can be carried out as among friends, as and contacting a real estate agency. Friends express an unbiased opinion, but real estate companies have a greater range of options.

The best outcome will be a parallel search: Notify a friend about the desire rent a property and also refer to specialists. A related site: Fabrizio Freda mentions similar findings. One option – put the text of renting an apartment in the Internet portal doma25.ru. Fourth, no matter how good have not been reviewed or low-cost, do not be lazy to get acquainted with the landlord and the future place of residence. That way you can avoid many problems later on. Do not forget to specify the lease and settlement system.

Fifth, pay attention in detail at the first examination of the apartment. Enter the broken crane and a broken TV set: thus, during the eviction will not be any misunderstanding. Reflect in the lease all the furniture and other equipment, located in the apartment. Discuss who will pay a fee for the service apartment, telephone, security, etc. And, most importantly, no matter how looked flat, you should be comfortable to be in it. Let it become not only a removable housing, but also a place where you want to go back and spend time with.

Egyptian Real Estate

In the past few years have seen an influx of new residents in the central districts of Cairo. the city life is becoming more and more intense, get over here and many large public and private enterprises. Local and Foreign developers are trying to meet the ever-increasing demand, which at times seems endless. The question of how long it will last for a similar boom is still open. The situation prevailing in Cairo today is result of the fact that demand still exceeds supply, prices still are not able to reach its peak and stabilize, as it usually does. Despite the fact that even the financial crisis failed to significantly influence the situation and stop the boom to the real estate market, there are Egyptian and their threats. The first of these, perhaps, be called inflation.

Saving fairly high rate of inflation – the barriers that Egypt’s economy is facing in real estate. Another rather curious fact is the discrepancy between the demands of users and objects offered by developers. Construction companies, initially overestimated the demand for luxury villas, now is not able to realize all of the objects. Most of the customers present day – families who are interested in acquiring affordable housing, small townhouse or apartments. On the other hand the active participation of banks, mortgage lending allowed many Egyptians to get closer to his dream of own home in Cairo. Attractive interest rates on mortgages are one of the components contributing to the maintenance of the Egyptian real estate market boom in the state. Such a trend will continue, provided that the rates will be stable. The financial crisis could not affect the viability real estate market.

In a sense, the situation is largely spurred to action potential buyer, real estate still seems to be very safe investment. On the issue of whether market boom in Egypt will not see a horizon, analysts agree – the growth can not last forever. Global real estate markets are cyclical, Egypt and Cairo are not exceptions. Given the many features of the market and the expansion of the banking sector in the real estate property market in Egypt and Cairo itself with its new part represented a good opportunity for investment for years to come.

Location, Location, Location

Decided to buy an apartment? Now you face a problem in what area? In the city or the country? These options are divided in half all the pluses and minuses. Although arguments speak in favor of the city center. A large number of entertainment centers, educational institutions and jobs. By cons are as follows: Dear Property Metric area apartments small Ecology is very bad because of the roads. Housing out of town boasts many advantages.

Here and excellent ecological environment, you can for the same money to buy a much larger apartment. By cons associated distance from the center, where the main part of the city's infrastructure. Registration also differs, urban or suburban. This can affect the treatment, training in urban settings. But there is always a solution.

Real estate agencies say there is housing, which can combine the advantages of urban and suburban real estate – apartment in a residential area on the outskirts of the city. There is only one drawback – traffic jams. You will take a long time on the road to the city center. More information is housed here: Edward J. Minskoff Equities. Buying an apartment in the residential areas are oriented not only to criterion of cheapness, but also on the professional situation. Anyone can become a property owner. Enough to have money to buy an apartment. Yet property rights can lose. This may be due to improper registration of the contract or other documents. There are several cases in which the newly landlord could lose his property. Losing property rights can be during the demolition of houses in the new building. This maybe if demolished housing in the , whose owners have not privatized apartment. Re-housing privatization law no longer exists. That way you can and will be deprived of property. Another option. Lodging can be lost, if you can not able to pay the mortgage. Yet it comes to evictions until rare. Yet borrowers somehow negotiate with the banks. In recent years, according to real estate agents is gradually emerging practice in which denied property rights and eviction of mortgage borrowers.