Alexander Sviyasha

Are you tired of the constant stress that prevent you from being a harmonious and happy, and want to find emotional peace and inner harmony? Then this article is for you. From it you will understand how to become a winner over negative experiences. In order to stress does not become an obstacle on your way to happiness, psychologists recommend you the following ways to control their emotions: Exemption from repressed emotions. Anger and other negative emotions greatly affect your health, if not timely release. It is therefore imperative to keep a diary or to engage in various physical exercises. You can also beat the pillow, scream, or cry. The same way psychologists do recommend forgiveness.

It is free from insults, which are a strong stress factor and the source of many zabolevaniy.Dlya forgiveness can use special meditative techniques, such as meditation, Alexander Sviyasha, which you can read on the internet or in his books. Prevention of stress through relaxation. In order to control your emotions need to be able to relax. For this purpose, well suited various relaxation techniques, such as autogenic training. The greatest effect brings visualization method. He was very pleasant.

You relax and draw in your mind your favorite pictures that evoke You .Naprimer positive, we can visualize how you walk along the beach. You well. Birds sing and the sun is shining. You enjoy the beauty that surrounds you If you prefer breathing technique, then do not neglect them. Use them regularly. This is a great way to relieve stress. Stress at work, too, has a negative effect on you with prolonged exposure. Therefore, it is important to do your job comfortable. For this purpose you can use the science of feng shui. The same should be able to say "no" and not to transfer the problem to work abroad. A time to solve them. If you do not like your job, then look for another way income and self-actualization. If you have problems with communication, and this is causing stress, then learn the necessary literature, visit the training and apply this knowledge in practice. Learn how to find common ground with love man, become a genius of communication. This will help you greatly in life. If these tips do not help you, then look for other methods of dealing with stress. They are a huge number. The main use of them. Remember that in order to cope with problem, we must find its source and the act. It is most important. It all depends on you.

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