CNC Plasma

MicroStep offers new plants but also constantly cheap second-hand equipment from his own forge and other manufacturers for resale or on behalf of customer to the company MicroStep offers CNC cutting systems for every need, such as for example burning cutting installations (Oxy), plasma cutting machines, laser cutting machines, water jet cutting machines or combined plasma oxy cutting equipment. Optionally, the systems can be equipped with tube cutters, chamfering units, drilling rigs and CCD camera. This enables the processing of steel plates or other electrically conductive materials such as stainless steel and aluminium with bevel cuts, clean interior lines and precise holes. Similarly, profiles, pipes, and dished can be cut and edited in various dimensions. This MicroStep delivers always the latest technology, as for example in the area of plasma the contour cut technology the Kjellberg Finsterwalde plasma and Maschinen GmbH, the precision cutting of thermal dynamics or the HyDefinition XD procedure with Truehole technology by HYPERTHERM. MicoStep burning cutting systems are equipped with the latest generation of machine cutting torch FIT + the GCE GmbH and are thus best car gene technology. In addition to new equipment, MicroStep offers cheap but also constantly used equipment from his own forge and other manufacturers for resale or on behalf of customer. These can be in the separate field of second-hand machines”are found on the website of MicroStep Europa. Via the contact form interested can contact directly with a counselor in conjunction.

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