Elementary School Teachers

The objectives that had based this inquiry had been: to appraise ability, to approach on the importance of the pedagogical ability practical efficient professor and to stand out the relevance of the formative analysis of necessity of the professors. As theoretical recital it adopted the concepts of Zabalza (2006), Echeverria (2005), Almeida (2010), and Perrenoud (2000). Of the metodolgico point of view, a quantitative boarding of research was used, using the questionnaire as technique of collection of data. As joined results evidenced that the interviewed professors present a high index of the formative necessities, on the basis of the pedagogical abilities, therefore, need an adjusted formation to develop abilities that are essential for the practical professor. Word-key: Pedagogical ability. Analysis of necessities.

Professor.ABSTRACTThe present work is you analyze the needs of elementary school teachers. The goals that motivated this investigation were you conceptualize competence, addressing the importance of to teacher competence will be effective teaching practice, and emphasize the relevance of the analysis of teachers? needs of training. The background theory adopted the concepts of Zabalza, (2006) Echeverria, (2005) Almeida (2010) and Perrenoud (2000). Methodological From the point of view, we used quantitative approach you research, using the questionnaire a technician will be date collection. We confirm that the teachers interviewed reported high of training needs, based on teaching skills, to however, need appropriate training you develop skills that ploughs essential you teaching. Keywords: Teacher competence. Needs analysis. New Teacher.INTRODUONeste century and millenium, if lives a time of deep contradictions and, over all of a situation where the advance scientific and technological it has influenced directly in the educational demand.

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