Financial Education For Youth

When you’re young you have the power to dream that you should never lose in life. In fact, states that a person without dreams no push to get ahead in life. So dreams are important. And just as important is to have the wisdom to make those dreams can become reality. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Chris Sower. In a fast-paced world of today is not easy to overcome the obstacles facing a young couple on their way to success. The world is in crisis not only economic but also there are many social problems and moral level. Without hesitation Gavin Baker explained all about the problem. The problem is that when not met the expectations of life that one gets when one is young, it is very easy to fall into depression, frustration and bitterness. All this can be prevented with good preparation.

The vast majority of people live day to day with little or no planning. If you set goals, rarely write them down, much less plan how to reach them. The danger of youth is not known to the vitality and drive that you have when you are young does not last forever. The Young people believe that they will always have the energy and strength to get ahead in life. They are therefore easy prey for consumer loans that promise them instant on which dreams may be paid sometime in the future.

Young couples are an important target market for financial institutions, as they know the power of a dream. A young couple dreams of having children and to found a family that will be very happy. An inevitable part of that dream is to own a home, a car and a long list of items whose actual need varies from person to person. Faced with this list of requirements is very easy to give in to the temptations of a mortgage or consumer. Added to this, most young people lack the financial education necessary to know with certainty what are the implications of a credit to the medium or long term. Unaware that this means almost always pay double and sometimes triple the value of the asset they are buying so eagerly. We also know that same negative effect of a debt they can use in your favor if you just take advantage of the incredible power of compound interest. Instead of buying their dream instant credit cards that they will be condemned to work for financial institutions for the rest of their productive lives, they could defer their dreams for a while and take advantage of investing your money to multiply. Thus interest rates would act on their behalf and, after years of deferring their dreams, they will have the necessary purchasing power to buy what they want while their peers are going to be enslaved with debt and mired in a style life of scarcity and broken dreams, just because they never learned to plan and discipline in the area of finance.

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