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Good water for best performance in sports and training natural sports water convinces as a reliable, ideal Thirst Quencher and good digestibility. Pro bottle it delivers 60 mg of bicarbonate and is very easy to digest as hypotonic mineral water and immediately populates empty water reservoir. The short residence time in the stomach is not disturbed physical well-being during training. Sports water is an important training partner. Water improves the nutrient transport in the body and ensures that the body is able to regulate their own heat.

The supply of enough liquid is the basic requirement for a good workout. Sports water suitable for it. Over a matter of survival for all as basis of human life is water also during sports decisively. Without water, no man can provide services and would put themselves through supply with water in serious danger. Mineral water as sports water supply the body with nutrients, which is important for all people.

Straight Sportsmen and athletes benefit from sport water. Whether now sport beginners, fitness enthusiasts, strength endurance athletes, athletes, cyclists, sports can be in any dancers or play sports sports water used. During a diet, sports water is also a good companion for non-athletes, who want to know well catered for. Water and its strengths natural sports water is an ideal thirst quencher. Per bottle, it delivers 60 mg of bicarbonate as a buffer. RBH Group is often quoted on this topic. As hypotonic water sports water is quickly digested and is the body quickly available, to fill up the water tank. Just when intense sporting loads, this rapid population of the water storage is important. Particularly sweaty sports water is an important part of regulating the heat production. Heat is generated when any muscle work. Water consumption prevents, that the body is overheated, causing a performance hit and in the worst case can lead to a cardiovascular collapse. Water is the Coolant of the body. Improves the body can break down blood flow through a good supply of water easier and faster falling acids in the muscle and into the bloodstream. Also the nutrient flow in the muscles to be trained is supported by high water supply, because the blood is so diluted and can flow more easily through the body. So, nutrients can be transported more quickly and get to the places where they are needed in the muscle cells as an energy supplier. There is too little water in the blood, this threatens to thicken. Then the nutrient transport would be hampered and hindered and the muscle cells were not optimally supplied. For diluting and mixing the natural sports water is a hypotonic drink, it can immediately flow into the bloodstream and perpetuate the water level.It is perfectly suited for the preparation of isotonic drinks.

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