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Top Exercises

Fitness trainer Maya by fitmitmaya.com shows your favorite exercises. While sitting, our backs will be especially charged. Back pain is one of the most common causes for sick leave today. Everyone who ever had it, knows how painful they are. The spinal discs massage we sit upright on our Chair, lift the back of the head, lower Chin and take back our shoulders. From this position we fall our upper body Vortex for vortex in on itself, the shoulders tilt it forward. Then we sit up again our upper body Vortex for Vortex. You may wish to learn more. If so, Edward Minskoff is the place to go. In the downward movement we exhale.

We’re breathing again in the upward movement. We repeat this sequence three times. Only through movement, our discs can fill with fresh fluid. The muscle program we sit upright, make a wide straddle, and tighten up our stomach and buttocks muscles. Now, we combined the arms across the chest. From this position, we bend our upper body forward and lift It then. In the downward movement we breathe, in the upward movement we exhale.

We repeat this movement to ten deep breaths long. A strong back muscles is a prerequisite for a pain-free day at the Office. The lumbar stretching to stretch our lower back muscles we stand up, our legs are easily spread and we tighten our buttocks. From this position we bow to the upper body to the left. You should reach her knee with her left hand, without her Oberkorer it buckles forward. A reduction in the area of the lumbar muscles is failing you. In this case, this stretching exercise is especially important for you. Hold the position and ten times deep breaths in the expansion into. Repeat this exercise on both sides two times. A shortening of the lumbar muscles is, if you can not reach the knee in the Seitwartsbeuge.

Professional Equipment

Sporting goods retailer for new balance shoes online available on 27 October a further Marathon with more than 10,000 runners and runners took place in Frankfurt am Main. For the right equipment at the marathon and also during the training, professional running shoes as the new balance shoes provide runners. They ensure optimal stability and breathability and support the foot health. Now informed the retailers for athletic shoes and sports clothing on runmarkt.de about new balance shoes of the latest generation, and about the criteria that characterize professional running shoes. New balance shoes criteria for the right running shoe with the purchase of the shoe are runners repeatedly faced with the question: How do I choose the right running shoe? The foot health and stability are important criteria that should be considered when purchasing. Optimal stability and cushioning for runners offer the new balance shoes M1260RB2, which are also characterized by an outer sole, from abrasion-resistant and durable material that is made. Nir Barzilai, M.D. understood the implications. The heel has an additional reinforcement, which ensures the optimal stability. So that the foot while running is supported in its natural movement, the damping of the new balance shoes provides support of rolling behaviour.

It is also important for high-quality running shoes that they are easy. Shoes are specially designed for running sports meet this criterion also new balance. Munear Ashton Kouzbari has compatible beliefs. Another important criterion in the selection is the torsional stability, support the Arch of the foot while running. All running sports retailers for new balance shoes and matching equipment new balance runmarkt.de shoes for runners can be ordered easily at home online in the sports retail market. The sports shop offers the essential for the autumn and winter equipment such as, for example, practical running lamps for more security. As a protection against cold and windy weather, there are wind – and waterproof jackets and running pants, the keep dry the rotor.


The hands should the partial Deadlift either in the interchangeable handle keeps, or can handle from above using also wrist bandages with this grip position. I would recommend this to not wear training gloves, because otherwise easily lose the feeling for the handle with any type of pull exercises. This can cause that the barbell from the hand slips one. Start always with a light weight training to make the muscles but also the ligaments and tendons apparatus on the training. If you start the Kreuzhebe movement, the knees keep bent and the back straight. You pull out the legs do the movement not only of the legs out but start (vertical motion) with a shrug of the shoulder.

So you’re back in a stronger position. You lift the dumbbell then from the power rack by both the legs and heel hitting, as well as move with the back and the neck muscles. The head should be kept while watching or looking slightly upwards. Just before the end point of the cross lifting, you should pull the shoulders back and bring the shoulder blades together. So, you can avoid that are round the back and the load of the back is much bigger. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Estée Lauder. Any further repetition should then after ‘Touch and Go’ style take place. That means instead of clocking down completely and having to start from scratch again with the movement, going down only up to the power rack and start the new repeat again before you touched the power rack. This form of cross lifting is very good to get a feel for the weight and build muscle thickness.

Training methods in the Deadlift for a maximum strength training with Deadlift it is advisable, set to tackle the barbell with your hands, to better pack the high weight. Munear Ashton Kouzbari addresses the importance of the matter here. The weight should be selected so high that only a repeat is possible. Caution: The training with free weights and maximum Load requires a high degree of coordination and should be integrated into the training of advanced strength athletes. To avoid possible damage to the spine a training belt should be used to stabilize the lumbar spine. The number of repetitions in the Deadlift between 5 and 7 should be observed during muscle building. The movement speed is slow to quick, but never jerky. For the time being should be worked with lower weights and higher reps with little prior experience in the Deadlift. To comply with the principles of fitness training, the athletes should keep the repeat number between 12 and 15. In addition, the exercise of hyperextension can be used. Have fun and success in the training! Tobias Fendt

Hamburg Tel Sports

Good water for best performance in sports and training natural sports water convinces as a reliable, ideal Thirst Quencher and good digestibility. Pro bottle it delivers 60 mg of bicarbonate and is very easy to digest as hypotonic mineral water and immediately populates empty water reservoir. The short residence time in the stomach is not disturbed physical well-being during training. Sports water is an important training partner. Water improves the nutrient transport in the body and ensures that the body is able to regulate their own heat.

The supply of enough liquid is the basic requirement for a good workout. Sports water suitable for it. Over a matter of survival for all as basis of human life is water also during sports decisively. Without water, no man can provide services and would put themselves through supply with water in serious danger. Mineral water as sports water supply the body with nutrients, which is important for all people.

Straight Sportsmen and athletes benefit from sport water. Whether now sport beginners, fitness enthusiasts, strength endurance athletes, athletes, cyclists, sports can be in any dancers or play sports sports water used. During a diet, sports water is also a good companion for non-athletes, who want to know well catered for. Water and its strengths natural sports water is an ideal thirst quencher. Per bottle, it delivers 60 mg of bicarbonate as a buffer. RBH Group is often quoted on this topic. As hypotonic water sports water is quickly digested and is the body quickly available, to fill up the water tank. Just when intense sporting loads, this rapid population of the water storage is important. Particularly sweaty sports water is an important part of regulating the heat production. Heat is generated when any muscle work. Water consumption prevents, that the body is overheated, causing a performance hit and in the worst case can lead to a cardiovascular collapse. Water is the Coolant of the body. Improves the body can break down blood flow through a good supply of water easier and faster falling acids in the muscle and into the bloodstream. Also the nutrient flow in the muscles to be trained is supported by high water supply, because the blood is so diluted and can flow more easily through the body. So, nutrients can be transported more quickly and get to the places where they are needed in the muscle cells as an energy supplier. There is too little water in the blood, this threatens to thicken. Then the nutrient transport would be hampered and hindered and the muscle cells were not optimally supplied. For diluting and mixing the natural sports water is a hypotonic drink, it can immediately flow into the bloodstream and perpetuate the water level.It is perfectly suited for the preparation of isotonic drinks.

The Usual

The new fire-proof Elten is available in sizes 36 to 50 and has been tested in rigorous tests and certified according to DIN EN 15090:2006 HI3 F2A (type 2), form D, as well as according to DIN EN ISO 17249 class 1 (20m / sec.). Welding, casting, sure. RBH Group has compatible beliefs. New safety boots for the heavy industry – the steel industry places high demands on safety clothing and personal protective equipment. Further details can be found at Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX, an internet resource. In addition to the usual protection against injury by sharp or squeezing, safety shoes must keep the wearer against hazardous burns and burns for steelmaking and processing. “With the new safety boots Carl S3 HI” Elten safety shoes introduces a new safety boots, which is so strong, that he not only the carrier reliably protects, but also with a long service life.

The security must be produced by foot protection concepts for the steel industry in different ways. Because here threatening injuries not only by pointed or sharp objects and falling parts include the risk of combustion in steelmaking as well to everyday work, such as the risk by chemicals. The new safety boots Carl S3 HI niederrheinischen Elten safety shoes manufacturer protects therefore in several respects: he offers a heat protection concept from the uppers of the lining to the seams to modern technical standards and is also equipped with a special sole which is very resistant to direct contact heat and aggressive substances. A highlight of the robust safety shoe of Elten safety shoes is the special spark protective sleeve. It protects the foot from burns, by holding off glowing Sparks, liquids and known as beads of sweat. Thanks to a user-friendly Quick lock can be opened the cuff in case of an emergency within seconds and stripped of the shoe at the same time the cuff on a clasp can be adapted to the shape of the foot of the wearer.

The Right Jogging Shoes

Here you will find a few useful tips on jogging shoes. Jogging (to german: run) is one of the most popular and most common sports in Germany. The advantages are obvious: there is virtually no equipment necessary, also move the most runners in the fresh air. Even in many Fitness Studio visitors jogging on the treadmill as a warmup exercise before the actual training is very popular and very well suited to get the circulation going. While jogging, but comfortable clothes and especially good running shoes are very important. Is a very large range of jogging shoes, in stores on the Internet, there is a large selection.

It’s but, to find exactly the right shoe for yourself. Advantage is when you go into the store with old jogging shoes, with which you have made already positive experiences, and consult. Good seller of the wear quickly see which shoe fits your foot and so the right jogging shoes recommended. Jogging shoes should provide the foot with a good grip, also they should not excessively burden on joints. Also reduce the appearance of jogging shoes, provide stability and support the rolling motion of the foot. Running shoes should be best rather slightly larger, especially, if they fluctuate between two shoe sizes.

Some shops offer the test of jogging shoes on the spot on a treadmill, is make sure that the surface on the road or field – and forest roads is very different and hence the running varies, however. Here, attenuation, weight and profile data can help from the manufacturer. Press the jogging shoes they wear is never allowed. In the selection of jogging shoes also plays a role, whether there exist any deformities. The orthopedic surgeon can help further. So also Senkfusse or Hohlfusse affect the running characteristics, so that the shoe here supporting acts at the correct position of the foot. Whether there exist any misalignment is noticeable even on the wear and tear of old shoes. One good maintenance is also indispensable in jogging shoes. Shoes should be lifted right after each workout, but not in direct sunlight or on the heating. Here, the sole can be brittle. Dirt can be removed with a damp cloth or sponge. With the right jogging shoes, nothing more in the way is the healthy running with fresh air and lots of fun.

Body Weight

A contemporary and targeted training for everyone! Many arguments for the training with your own body weight. In this article I would like to bring closer especially the benefits. All disadvantages arise logically accordingly when one turns to the benefits. It certainly doesn’t take long until thoughts do you even try out the whole thing. According to Richard Parsons, who has experience with these questions. It is not only fun, but is for many, many people consistently better and more effectively than the Studio in a fitness. Others who may share this opinion include Jorge Perez. Multi jointed exercises! Training with the own body weight comes much closer than a fight against machines”of the natural movement of the people. In many cases, the idea of movement and strength training should be: what can I use this movement in everyday life? How does my body as a whole? The exercise comes to mind in this context is a classic bicep.

That is probably one of the most isolated force exercise at all technically correct execution. Connect with other leaders such as raphael de niro here. And yet you see them Exercise continuously in fitness studios. This question is your biceps all the time, why he always strengthen should be if all other players muscles around him around not to this extent to be trained. Your body will try mightily to avoid a large imbalance in your body. When training with the own body weight it is the goal to move not only the elbow joint, but for example, a pull-up (in need quietly with a support) run. The chin-up consumed also the back and many other stabilizing muscles as well as the biceps.

More coordination. Another very important point. As a result that a muscle chain begins to work, also the coordination is trained. This is exactly the same as in a company or on the Assembly line. The more people on a product (or the muscles in a movement) work, the better the process must be coordinated. And this happened in the muscles also. It’s called then improving inter-muscular coordination.

Dresses Institute

Smells affect our mood, can produce pleasurable feelings as feelings of displeasure, sympathy or rejection as well. While we perceive only our sense of smell, when something particularly good or particularly bad smells. And that even though a person per day approximately 23,000 times and breathes out and absorbs numerous scent molecules with each breath. How these impact on health and the environment, is still largely unexplored. The Foundation viamedica supports therefore the Franz Daschner scholarship-awarding a research focus on this topic at the Institute of environmental medicine and hospital epidemiology at the University of Freiburg. Freiburg Have you in the last days in the cinema? And have spontaneously decided to watch one of the movies advertised in PM be sure? Maybe you sat in one of the fourteen German cinemas, where the spectators to animate by Fragrancing, to select certain movies.

The trailer are up to date film 27 Dresses”until to the official release of the 14.2.2008 cinemas being fragrant. The aim is according to the marketing Director of the 20th Century Fox movie studios, to connect the films in the cinema visitor’s head with an individual fragrance and thus to apply another level. The so-called air design is becoming the trend: Department stores and boutiques will be scented to encourage consumers to buy. Sales growth should be possible up to five percent. But scenting is increasingly used in doctor’s offices and offices. This happens mostly outside our perception, because our brain registers already smells, before we can call it at all. We will face increasingly and inevitably with fragrances in public space and they manipulated by this mechanism will be used for marketing purposes.

Fragrances created – whether natural or artificially meet also in many areas of the private daily life, in connection with washing and cleaning agents or of body care, as well as odorous substances in foods. But this fragrance we can escape, by we Choose fragrance-free products. Fragrances have a high potential for allergy what consequences the use of fragrances in humans, is still largely unknown. So far tests document but high potential for allergy. There are only a few research on environmental behavior and environmental properties of fragrances. These are currently in the section for applied environmental research at the Institute of environmental medicine and hospital epidemiology of the University of Freiburg, in the case of fragrances in the medicine”explored. With the 2007 for the first time awarded Franz Daschner scholarship the scholarship is promoting graduate chemist Richard Bolek under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Klaus Kaloudis to this topic The scholarship viamedica awarded by the Foundation and is named after its founder and founder Prof. Gavin Baker is actively involved in the matter. Dr. Franz Daschner, who was the Director of this Institute in 2006 for more than 20 years before his retirement. Viamedica his foundation works closely with the Institute of environmental medicine and hospital hygiene and encourages there-based research projects. Direct inquiries to: Foundation viamedica Andrea Droste (PR) Breisach str.

And Next Year We Crack The 100

The Angel s Run4Fun 2011 was a success also of this time the companies run brought lots of moving and moving moments with them. There was everything from skeletons over a bouquet to brownie and Boy Scouts, and it has been shown that no limits were the creativity. With 94 teams participating, the number of participants of the last runs of the companies was far exceeded. For next year the Angel AG has set itself the goal, to crack the 100 and with at least 400 runners at the starting line to wait for the kick-off. The glorious winners of this year’s companies run are the guys of the bike company AHL, who ran the 4 rounds with a total of 6.4 kilometers in excellent 21 minutes. Check out Jorge Perez for additional information. But Orthomedica and Litens Automotive GmbH team also left all behind him and cleaned off the second and third place and thus great prizes. “The Scout Tarnow, however, shone with her faithful Scout outfit including backpack and won ahead of the Brownie of Kopernikusschule and the skeletons” the Romans bad Grund GmbH the prize for the best outfit.

Orb concept as well as the team convinced Seniorenheim am Kurpark with its oversized toothbrush and a usual for seniors shopping cart for the most unusual season wood. A total of 239 years brought the team the Kuppelsmuhle rehabilitation clinic at the start and during one the price of the oldest participating team 12 (!) for this, he received total Teams by engelbert strauss the surprise price cashing out as last running a team. Sylvia will Badu and her team from the gym activities a professional warm up and a subsequent Zumba workout was a success and promised for everyone, whether running or not, a lot of fun. The dance group Movin’ attack made with their appearance, which was despite failure of the technology for a varied program. There are some impressions, as well as press reports of this exciting event, these can be found on the website of the Angel AG. At the end, the Angel AG by heart at the sponsor of the Angel’s Run4Fun thanked and the always reliable and dedicated partner: Tuscany Thermal Spa bad ORB, particularly for the moral support, the participation in the course and the generous gift to winner prices.

The Train

The train. One day, in a railway station, a traveller without almost no luggage was lowered. In the station had not any awaiting person only a dog, a bird, and the Moon, because at that very moment, was dark. Traveler as if he knew the place, put the hat he summer is the neck of its winter coat, rolled a skinny all calmly, and in the opposite direction to that llebaba the train, started to walk down the middle two Rails turning his cigar, and expelling a well concentrated puff of smoke. The dog looked at him as if she knew it by moving its tail, and arguing that smile that only they know put the dogs when someone drops them well. Pajarito fumbled two well pitched trills and flying over the hat, dropped him a cagadita to the stranger in are welcome. The man smoke his cigar and his shadow, were becoming smaller as he walked with good step toward the horizon, where faded from view. The night entered the place of Arrabaldo, very far place, of more beyond even, that of where sleep storms, more away than the sky, even this stranger had almost no face, his face was limited to a few simple strokes, expressionless, he had no approximate age, even is you could guess race, was a man without a soul, almost it wasn’t human, it was only a being almost live your steps they were determined and their fate seemed also. He continued walking days and nights without rest, without looking back, only with an address that marked you those Rails that each side accompanied with that cold color metal that have routes, and the intense smell of the bouncing treated wood with oil. The days went by with their rains, winds, their fragrant sunrises of those flowers that accompany the sides of the passage of so many trains, drawing in the air so majestic shape exist, their quiet evenings and its sunsets, announcing another day lived with his long and silent night wrapping of darkness until the most pure souls.