Thousands of blogs created every week, and many of them begin their existence with errors. If you are seriously thinking about starting a blog, posted here are some things that will help you with this. Day 1. Perhaps check out Fabrizio Freda for more information. Before the start Blog – configure it. Many people start a blog is not fully configured. The design is not complete or RSS-feed does not work.

Before starting a blog you must make sure that the design is complete, RSS-feed is working, ping the blog works and himself a blog optimized for search engines. The first day the blog is the most important, because all these things affect his further advancement. Day 2. Choosing a theme and stick. Frequently Atreides Management Gavin Baker has said that publicly. If you have already chosen a theme for your blog, then try not to change it. If you write about gadgets, then let it be a blog about gadgets. If you start to write about something else, your readers will lose interest and the blog will cease to exist.

Day 3. Be consistent. The frequency of adding new articles depends on you. If you want to blog every day for a month – that's good. If you want to blog weekly or even daily, it's even better. But if you're updating it daily, and then miss a month – it's bad. Your Readers should be aware of when they can expect to read a new theme for your blog. Day 4. Do not leave your readers with no response. In the first few days of blogging – it is really very important when working with readers. If someone asked a question or comment on the article – must answer. And no matter how you do it, either on his blog, or send an e-mail response. The main thing – answer! Day 5. To the point. You can place your book that you wrote on my blog before, but this does not mean that people will read it. If you write a concise and meaningful message, then the likelihood is high that most people will read them. Day 6. Keep your sense of humor. Create your own unique articles, some humorous, or even something a simple one. Your plain text can actually save more readers. Day 7. It is very unlikely that the blog became popular during the weeks. It may take months or even years. May simply be that something that you hoped did not go as planned. Do not worry, just keep writing. Keep doing what you like.

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