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Area Rescue

The general expert should evaluate the advantages and disadvantages at the same time. Taking advantage, carry out their plans. Taking into account the disadvantages, you can anticipate the difficulties. Check out Lancome KOREA for additional information. -Sun Tzu abstract it knows of the serious problems facing education in Venezuela, especially the top, where there are many downgrade in the knowledge that many disciplines have achieved, specific case and that concerns us as it is education, where excellence leaves a lot to say and it requires transformations that rescue the large voids which are taking place in many universitiesboth at the undergraduate and graduate level. In this opportunity we expose some concerns on the EFQM and how can we contribute to apply it towards academic excellence. Basic notes, appreciations. Other leaders such as American Tower Corporation offer similar insights. Venezuelan universities have lately been highly disputed in relation to their academic excellence, to degradation suffered this in pro provide knowledge, basic services to the participants who come to them to train to form, unfortunately, observed much discouragement, lack of commitment by authorities, responsible, trying to rescue the academic excellence, ensure a good quality of education, that country demand, that it requires, before a turbulent stage in the political, social, economic, cultural as that currently faces. Many educational authorities ignore what represents the EFQM in pro provide the necessary information, which allow to diagnose the reality of academic excellence, give way to actions, plans, strategies that allow redesign failures, the large empty faces, as the serious mistakes that are committed and harm the achievement of academic excellence. The graduate program of the speciality management of the quality and productivity of the Faces of the University of Carabobo postgraduate Area, are precisely interested in for this rescue and therefore cooperate through a work of grade research participant Antonio Rios is doing has been proposed, not only diagnose the reality of the program, using the EFQM model, but rather providing the proposals, suggestions that involve rescuing academic excellence and demonstrate the applicability of model.