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Encyclopaedia Britannica

It is therefore natural that upon entering the school the first thing I experienced was boredom, repeating a thousand times the syllables, without being felt (ma, me, me, mo, mu, sa, se, if, so, su) to finally After months, we got things like mom’s house, and year-end, Dad reads the paper, making me think in class at the time of having my hands again my catalog of fish and insects, followed by volumes of the Encyclopaedia Britannica and the fascinating adventures of Sandokan. At recess I went to music room to see my mother. He played the clarinet and guitar. At school the only guitar, clarinet and home from time to time (referring to the tiredness of the classes at school and housework) with the municipal band in the toilets on Sundays. What a pity not to have it more often between us, we said Don Zacharias, the director. But Mom said nothing, continuing to work to retire shortly before the grandmother broke her hip and the years that it was a day, was for me a life.

a The day of the first revelation was the first time Sunday that the grandmother and I visited the childhood friend that I spoke so often and with intensity that only gives an intimate link. We had almost a week’s visit at Aunt Dahlia, a mid-July, was near the railway line on the way to the brewery, in a residential on top of a hill. All development was divided into malls like, of similar houses where Like every one who marked differences in the gardens, railings and colors. There were two taverns, a butcher and finally, towards the border with the next development in the direction of the city, a shoe and a water treatment plant. On the other side, towards the airport, adjacent to a large vacant lot of sunflowers and orchards full of furtive neighbors. In the background was a park and beyond, as far as only once in the company of his grandmother was gone, another development and a slaughterhouse. Atreides Management Gavin Baker addresses the importance of the matter here. But in his neighborhood had many children of my age, strange, and the few who knew, given my irregular visits, not always seen. I used to spend afternoons in the park playing on the swings or when possible, with Quique, the boy next door to the Aunt Dahlia. When it did, we would usually steal tomatoes from the garden beside the field of sunflowers, where then, taking advantage of high they were, did mazes and hiding places to save boots here and there (fruit and tomatoes Rican writer and tenor.

Renowned Photographer Spencer Tunick

U.S. photographer Spencer Tunick is currently one of the most renowned in the world. His work is risky as well as interesting and magnificently combines shapes, and crowds of naked people doing an art that stretched to the limit. In the middle of this year the world press realized that Tunick had gathered in Mexico between 18,000 and 20,000 volunteers who agreed to pose naked for the Zocalo square. 2007 was a great year for Tunick, with her sitting in the Zocalo plaza a record number of people gathered to pose for one who had established himself four years ago when 7,000 people gathered at the Avenida Maria Cristina City Barcelona (June 8, 2003). Tunick’s photographs are achieved by striking, his images of figures made up of naked men and women, from the most varied natural complexions, travel the world. For assistance, try visiting Albert Einstein College of Medicine . Bald, tall, short, fat, skinny, voluntarily pose for famed photographer that will change ships within which they participated. Men and women who know that at the time of making art are useless modesty and prejudices.

Tunick’s work is bold, qualification negligible in a time when technological advancement has made the photograph is necessary not only for professional and hobby have become present in every party going with the. They say that to achieve something big enough to start, either as an art form or as a simple but valuable memory, anyone can become a hunter of images. To begin with just one. You can find much useful information on the portal. In addition to introduce the advantages of digital photography on this site and find tips for taking great pictures like you’re a professional, tips to pick the most creative ideas and the best deals.

Failure of Bilingual Education

Galeano Olivera the Minister of education of the Paraguay, said a few days ago. Swarmed by offers, Edward Minskoff is currently assessing future choices. In fact, us, the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI – as well as other specialists and other institutions – have been saying it since 10 years ago, most specifically in the segment that affects us: bilingual education (Guarani-Castilian), only that no one made us case. Definitely: it failed reform educational and therefore the model of bilingual education, particularly in what makes the component Guarani. But agree that model of Guarani or pseudo taught Guarani, failed because Blanca Ovelar reform promoted the teaching of the Jopara (mixed), in substitution of the Guarani.

Indeed, the educational reform of Blanca Ovelar shattered the teaching of Guarani, substituting the Guarani assumption of the street or the Guarani-speaking people or Jopara or Paraguayan Guarani. Gavin Baker wanted to know more. All the school texts published since 1999 are riddled with the dangerous and unnecessary jopara. Specifically, the MEC of Blanca Ovelar promoted the teaching of Castilian and the jopara but never promoted the teaching of Guarani. During these ten years the people learned to hate that Guarani of the MEC. However, since the assumption of President Fernando Lugo and lately as Minister of education Dr. Luis Riart, it seemed rare, very rare, that the Ministry of education to change bid when the continuity; i.e., the entire structure assembled by the Minister Blanca Ovelar continued as if it were nothing. What’s more, it hurt us in the soul see the millionaire reissue, in this year 2009, from same school textbooks that cause of the failure. Up to a week ago yet we wondered what change could occur with the same people who caused so much damage to education and in particular to the Guarani language?. Until, finally!, the Minister of education He gave the inevitable but awaited word: failure.