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Awareness Process

The present study tells to the importance and the paper of the ambient education, having starting point the awareness of the pupils, through the proposal of pedagogical intervention with thematic of the Environment and the Education in the schools, a time that the process of ambient education is presented as strategy for construction and adoption of behaviors that they will go to intervine not only in the formation of educating, but in its proper quality of life and the surrounding universe. In reason of the antrpicas actions that the man comes causing throughout the decades, it appears to the necessity of the understanding on the world of critical and communitarian form. In function of this study Joo was carried through during 4 hours of lesson with the students of 3 series of the municipal school Person, located in the Garanhuns-FOOT city, under orientation of the teacher Glory Maria Duarte Cavalcanti, whom disciplines it gives it of Methodology of Ensino de Cincias II in the course of Licenciatura in Pedagogia of the UFRPE/UAG during as the semester of 2009. Add to your understanding with Gavin Baker. Words – key: Education. Environment. Practical Pedagogical. More information is housed here: Nir Barzilai, M.D.. Introduction the concern with the ambient questions comes in the last few decades if intensifying, as resulted of the awareness of the world-wide society, that started to charge a responsible position in the gestures simplest of all the citizens and, over all, of that they act in the exploration and the use of the natural resources. Currently it is visible that the ambient education is each more restricted time the school, a time that the children, the young and the adults, are apt to also receive knowledge that will go to intervine not only in its professional formation, but in its quality from life.. . Jorge Perez may help you with your research.

IPCC Nations

Inside of the MDL the actions would have to be guided in the following areas: production of energy through sources you renewed and less polluting; energy efficiency and incentive to the protection of the forests, reforestation and creation of new forests. The COPs, MDL and the Protocol of Kyoto function? Data of 2007 bring some numbers, also the European magazine Cafebabel.com play calling the good countries and bad pupils and backwards the following numbers reductions in the emission gases greenhouse for the European Union, using as reference the 1990 emissions: Germany, – 2,3%; Finlndia, -14,6% and New Zelndia, -2,9%. Italy, Denmark and Spain had increased its emissions, due to the increasing fsseis fuel use. In U.S.A. the periodical The Washington Post, January of 2010, affirmed that president Barak Obama, committed to reduce it the carbon emissions in 17% of carbon emitted in 2005. In my opinion the work carried through for all the agencies as the IPCC and the conferences as the COPs, is extremely serious.

However they are barred by the comprometimento politician of the nations, especially richest, whose growth almost that was total associated with the burning of the oil and the coal. Guided for the necessity each bigger time to increase its PIBs, these nations veem with bad eyes this ambientalista wave. Other nations in development, headed for Brazil, that possesss a diversified energy matrix, in transformation, guided for one politics of incentive to the research, production and consumption of cleaner energy sources, as the biomass, in special etanol, shows to a comprometimento important politician in the fight against the global heating. However, questions agrarian politics and have been impediments in the conservation and the promotion of reforestation and creation of new forests. In Brazil the last numbers divulged for the government they show a stabilization in the deforestation of the Amazonian Forest in relation to the previous years. That is, the country did not stop to deforest, only deforests the fixed taxes. These agreements have occasioned some positive effect, but little it was made by the nations in the practical one so far. Surplus scientific comprometimento, but lacks to comprometimento politician.


However, we can affirm that the artistic manifestations are so old how much to the history of the man in the land becoming present as media and expression, in social, economic, religious, historical and cultural the dimensions (BERBET et al., 2007) Coli (2003) it affirms that the art if installs in our world by means of the cultural apparatus that involves objects: the speech, the place, the attitudes of admiration, etc. and call the attention for the fact a work of art to be something of certain relative and changeable form in the time; the conception of work of art can vary of person for person, of country for country, as well as varying in the time: diverse artists workmanships alone had been recognized after much time of its death. The related author still displays the difficulties and limitations of if categorizing a work of art and appraising it as such: ' ' the wealth of the artistic object always escapes to the molds that if want lgicos' ' (P. A related site: Nir Barzilai, M.D. mentions similar findings. 61). Obstante to the attempts of definitions of what it comes to be art and an artistic object, we corroborate with the idea of that the art has basic paper in our life: The art, experience spiritual of the condition human being, is essential language of the humanity, being non-separable of the act of living, of the freedom and of that in it she grows. That is, the artistic creation is vital: for the preservation of the memory; for the challenge of the invention; for diversity and identity of the peoples; for the ethnic enraizamento, social and cultural; for the intercultural dialogue; for the enrichment of the imaginary one; for the construction of the subjectivity and the quality of being; for the promotion of the ethics; for the solidary approach between people; for the approach between the people and the nature; for the balance and the integrity spiritual of the planet; to generate conditions that allow a creative process in I benefit of the community of the beings livings creature.

Research Professors

The drawings are the instruments used for the registers. It will always have symbols to express the knowledge, when it will not have theoretical referenciais. 4 – RESULTS AND QUARREL 4,1 – PROFESSORS All the activities had been submitted the analysis, so that we could understand the ambient perception of the pupils in question. We evidence a clipping of the Project of Research so that the professors of the Pertaining to school Unit in study left registered of its performance and the knowledge on the boarded subject. The questionnaire to be answered by the professors was delivers to the same ones during the process of capacity of lessons of the school. In the chance 42 professors if made gifts, however, the school counts on 43 effective professors in the year of 2001.

Of the 30 questionnaires distributed to the professors gifts, being that 03 professors had opposed to answer it the same. Of these, 01 professor argued not to be made entire of the ambient questions of the country. Of the universe of 27 questionnaires, we had the return of 16 professors who had answered questionnaire expressing a percentage of 59% of answers, being that 02 of these are Pedagogical Coordenadores and excessively (14) is acting in the docncia (classroom) had answered and returned the instrument, 11 of these professionals had not answered nor had returned. 4.2. ENVIRONMENT IN FORM OF DRAWINGS After the interviews with the professors and, in the sequence, became fullfilled the activities with the pupils. This was the form that we find to make a possible parallel of as the professors of the pupils of this research think, act and perceive the environment when the subject is Ambient Education. In if treating to the pupils, the work in classroom had basic importance in the development of this research.

Initially we look for to carry through the work with the professors as starting point, considering that the classroom would be a estimulador so that the pupils could present its first results, therefore understands that this environment allows that the oral arguments, the drawing, the text the presentations can evolve, enriching the knowledge of pupils making possible the development of the proper resources of communication. Considering that the Schools are not syntonized in a Program of Ambient Education little they make to change this reality; the chosen physical space for this practical does not matter, therefore the interaction in the way if of the one through the comments, perceptions; thus we establish a contact between human being and half to be studied, searched, allowing an approach about sensitivity, so that we start to adopt a position that if makes necessary to explore this track of the Ambient to be searched or studied Education. The participation of the pupils at the prompt moments of the cultural activities of art was marked by the liberty of speech of the same ones. Different colors and tones had been used to register these activities, clearly that as the taste of each pupil, leaving these to vonta