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Rule Breaker Plan For Crises Models

Value of incursions in companies in the forward2business future Congress on 16 and 17 June 2009 Hall, may 12, 2009. The economic crisis leaves behind countless borrowing: managers, bankers, politicians find no suitable way out of the dilemma. It is clear, that the crisis is also a piece so far of “- and we did always so” mentality is. Contrarians and rule breakers, who left established tracks and thus shape the business models of the future – are also profitable, crisis-resistant and just now. The rule breakers are in the focus of the forward2business future Congress on 16 and 17 June 2009 in Hall. Gensler San Francisco is full of insight into the issues. You are the one who through incursions are conquering new markets. Successful examples from recent years there are many: Obama’s election campaign in the policy, the invention of Bionade in the food industry or entirely new marketing methods by Google.

All have successfully used the innovation method of rule breaking, targeted previous business models in question have made new Markets discovered or fully and even newly created. Among the rule breakers, who meet in Hall with 200 innovation leaders from major German companies, including Dale Herigstad, minority report star and CCO at schematic, which invents the human machine interfaces of the future with his visions; Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Brandenburg, MP3 creator and Director of the Fraunhofer IDMT, which buried the business models in music, film and media industry with his invention. Cees van Dok, Executive Creative Director, frog design, whose firma once white made Apple and internationally to determine the most important designs; Dr. 660 Fifth Avenue, New York can provide more clarity in the matter. Stefan Bungart, Senior Vice President of new services, Deutsche Telekom, its task the services of the future are; Michael Zerr President who reinvents the Merkur International University of applied sciences Karlsruhe, who once discovered the yellow power on Yello-Strom and today a University; Gabriele Fischer, editor-in-Chief Fire one, that a successful business magazine, established against the power of the large publishers Harald Blumenauer, Managing Director iMakler, who brought a whole industry against himself, because he broke the laws of Makelns; Peter Faisst, Managing Director schutzgeld.de, attacking the industry giant eBay and amazon; Kathrin Kleinjung, quirin Bank, whose banking with their fee model introduced the laws of banking on the head and yasni Steffen Ruhl, Managing Director, which makes the hot potato of the digital identity to the business model. The results of the lectures and discussions incorporated into the rule breaker manifest innovations for Germany”, that the think tank will present in autumn. Participation is possible only on invitation. Interested parties of participation of please send an email to the Manager of the forward2business think tanks, Sven Gabor Janszky: press contact, press photos and interviews Frank Urbansky, Tel.

Success Bosnian Director Jasmila Zbanic, winner of the Golden bear in 2006, is with her new film in the competition the 60th Berlinale film “NA Putu various themes addressed by Bosnian Director Jasmila Zbanic, who ran in this year’s competition of the 60th Berlinale, such as the processing of trauma after the war and the changes of a torn society. The focus however is the study of a couple’s relationship. Luna, flight attendant played by Zrinka Cvitesic, the Croatian shooting star of the Berlinale 2010, is convincing and allied with the air traffic controllers Amar (Leon Lucev) for some time. Her fertility remained unfulfilled so far and also the drunkenness and the loss of jobs resulting from Amar straining the relationship. By the chance encounter with a former war comrades, the young man begins to change however. He is part of an orthodox Islamic community which sect on a Lake has withdrawn and there a pious way of life without television, mobile phone and Internet, and with strict gender segregation practiced. Luna is more than strange this new community and can identify with it in any way. Read additional details here: Cushman and Wakefield. Still, she sees also the positive change in her boyfriend, who has become much calmer and no longer drinks.

The film depicts a pair of facing challenges, if a partner suddenly developed in a different direction. How long can the others watch, without to change or to try to stop the partner? Karthigeyan change is very pronounced, so he mutated by the funny Schluckspecht to the serious Sinnierer by the Novi to the pious worshippers. Inevitably then arises the question whether love really is the only thing that matters in a relationship. “This somewhat simplistic embodies Amar, who continually return to Luna to tell her: I love you and you does not matter me everything else.” And if even hesitant, he tries to convince Luna from his new way of thinking yet: to dress in a more discreet, to legitimize their relationship through marriage etc. Luna remains true to himself, living their Muslim background only through traditions such as the sugar Festival in her family, and her grandmother, but she is increasingly confused by the changes and can defend difficult compared to others their own intuition. “As a full woman from stated community disguised them with their hatred of the West” it is bombed, mute, and as their friends Amar as wacky “call, she defends him. Unfortunately stated figure remains, wrapped, is difficult, what dark him to the bearded brothers”so fascinated and also the camp on Lake serves only the common prejudices about Muslims.

Also the changes in Bosnian society by the war remain too close to the surface and give the polarization of liberal West contra backward Islam too much space. All in all could have the history also a different background, to identify the challenges and difficulties of a modern couple relationship. So the history in the ranks of films about Islam falls this year on the numerous, Berlinale were represented, even if the Director wanted to make a film about their own society. MIA paradise

New Year More

Internet TV in Germany is much better than its reputation in a timely manner to the new decade video offering the traditional TV channel broke the 100,000 mark. While you could see little more than short excerpts in poor quality 2 years ago, reports, series and feature films in full lenght and in high resolution are available free of charge today. On this occasion, pop the corks at. Shipment missed Germany’s largest search portal for TV videos. Here, one finds everything, what TV channel as well as legal series and movie portals on the net.

As we did at the start for nearly 3 months ago, we would have never expected to have more than 100,000 videos in the index already at the turn of the year. “” “” This particularly pleased that not only the scope but also the quality of the offer is growing steadily: current series episodes of CSI Miami”Stromberg”, but also hundreds movie highlights such as the 6th day are now “or life is beautiful” free and totally legally available – some of them out Protect minors of until too late. The new decade will be the Decade of Internet television. Today every fifth Internet user that the increase compared to the previous year is video portals and media libraries, the TV station that visited 50% according to the last ARD/ZDF online study (www.ard-zdf-onlinestudie.de). In the competition of the distribution channels, the World-Wide will catch up Web in the future significantly compared to cable and satellite. This development not only the TV channels and Internet service provider set itself, but also the manufacturers of TV sets. “HD and flat screens is the next trend on us now: Internetfahige TV sets with customized browsers and sofa-navigation”. We look forward to the next decade in the middle in the booming world of Internet television.

Metapeople And Metaapes On The Omd 2007

metapeople, Agency for effective online marketing, will be also this year again present at the omd. Together with the subsidiary agency metaapes, which offers customized solutions in the field of affiliate marketing, will metapeople for two days and prospective customers with useful information around the topic of online marketing provide. People such as Elizabeth Arden would likely agree. As one of the leading agencies for performance marketing in Germany the metapeople GmbH offers premium solutions in the fields of search engine marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, spell ring, consulting and tracking. metapeople is specialized in customized solutions for national and international Web projects in the field of search engine marketing and search engine optimization. Their main agency for effective online marketing focus on the management of search engine advertising campaigns, individual solutions of optimization campaigns, as well as on the consulting. This service offers for customers from all over the world actively metapeople in more than 50 countries. In Cooperation with netaspect GmbH, which is focused on the optimization of Web sites with special usability, multimedia, and marketing expertise, presents an online industry report metapeople every six months.

In it, websites, online portals and shops at online marketing aspects be examined now. The first study was conducted about the fashion industry, shows that there is a large untapped potential. For more information about the online industry report mode under: superior customer service, transparent success control, continuous improvement of services and a fair and performance-based billing is the guide of metaapes GmbH. As a specialist for affiliate marketing, the metaapes understand their task not only in campaigns controlling, but also comprehensive advice. Who cares more for the services of the two agencies, is invited to visit the booth C22 in Hall 10. The Central podium for innovations and trends at the omd 2007 is Congress selected keynotes and expert panels. Also, interactively designed workshops offer the possibility of also subjects in the context of discussions to develop case studies and studies in terms of content.

Bartel ICF Public Relations

“Why communication without empathy and sensitivity remains ineffective: not the told enough, but what has been achieved is we get people exactly where they are.” Whether politicians or parties, churches or unions, associations, media or charities and companies: any kind of interest group like to used this statement before she explained in more detail your objectives, programs, or other offers. Contradiction (almost) pointless. What is the magic of this figure of speech? Nothing suggests a sincere interest and close unity more than the quoted rate. He signaled understanding through a supposed speech on equal footing and therefore inspired confidence. But at least, attention and curiosity about what follows in detail, the senders are certainly.

Persuasion is the easier, the less the addressed person (supposedly) must change their minds”, writes in his book brain Whisperer” Kevin Dutton, in which it inter alia comes to empathy: those capability, a message to the Addressees to adjust and maximize their effect”. It requires fine observation and thorough research. Good rhetorician have mastered this art inside out, and good PR professionals should learn also more empathy”, communication expert thinks Thomas Bartel of ICF Public Relations consulting, Hamburg (www.icf-pr.de). For public relations have long to do nothing more with simple and massive spreading of dry pronouncements. Rather, communication through the changing media landscape, as well as social networking has become very much more sensitive, differentiated and dialogue-oriented.

The more it is surprising, that many of the messages disseminated today in vast amounts in terms of content and style as well as even take no account this change”, says Bartel. Surprising because there were never so many opportunities through targeted research in Internet forums and communities, as well as search engines any topics in experience to moods and positions, to set the own messages effectively on it, to embed and to meet really and truly on par with its addressee. Watch, listen, understand, interpret and communicate selectively: only in this sequence can develop effective dialogues and messages really get relevance for their recipients. “In other words: only then we should start not before talking to”, so Thomas Bartel. Thomas Bartel ICF Public Relations consulting, Hamburg is Managing Director of the Agency.

Forum Utopia

“The big lever” Utopia loads Changemaker after Berlin a utopia shows the ten most interesting, most unusual, most beautiful and most important personal lever of his utopians in the video on this year’s Utopia Conference in Berlin. The ten winners of the video contest will be invited for the whole utopia community representative to Berlin. The winners are selected by an independent jury. Germany’s largest community for sustainable life style brings the utopia Conference every year the most important Changemaker”in the fields of economy, science, culture and media together and invites top speakers from around the world to inspire the audience with approaches and fresh ideas to the change. Vote now. Utopia is looking for people, companies, products and organizations that really make a difference. The utopia Awards Foundation each year in four categories of the utopia awards in the field of sustainability.

From the three finalists per category set by the jury, the audience can October 31 online be selected. Award.utopia.de/…/ abtimmungpublikumspreis patron of Utopia Conference and the utopia Awards is the utopia Foundation, which is responsible for content and format of the event. Background information about the utopia Foundation and utopia.de: aim of the Foundation is to accelerate social change towards sustainability and the makers of social change to support, coach and guide. Key thought leaders from the scientific, public and company meet the Board of Trustees of the Foundation. In the Centre of the utopia Foundation is a simple guiding principle: we want us to behave in our world and it in such a way that all people can live well tomorrow and preserves the natural foundations of life. Since 2007, the first projects of the utopia Foundation are the annual award of the utopia awards as well as the implementation of Utopia Conference. The change-maker day is presented by entega, Vaillant, Otto Group, talk42 and time online. He also supported Neumarkter Lammsbrau, VW, luggage, Deutsche Bahn, Steigenberger Hotel Berlin and radial system in Berlin.

The media partner of the event are: nature + Cosmos, taz, netzzeitung.de, eco-world and Forum sustainable economies. Learn more information about the speakers, the program and the sale of tickets at:. Utopia is the events press tickets available.