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Australian Sutton Perito En Lunas

Sera Australian fashion that exalted Cadel Evans in the Tour, the second son, man rubber that always out you corners and tripping. It will be than the Australian cycling is rush by what a type unknown as Christopher Sutton won the sprint of Orihuela with ease appalling, leaving Spanish Vicente Reynes hitting your handlebar with all the rage of the world by the missed opportunity. And the big sprinters with a stupid face. It will be that when Cancellara moves it is as if it threatened storm. He did this several times. Suddenly an arreon here is mounted you hope and all clouds in the peloton. Nerves, twinges, frantic pedaleos to follow the mighty Swiss. There that is were the sprinters after his footprint, when maybe all they wanted was to protect his Fuglsang leading in the best possible way. The truth is that all shook up, the planned order was lost, desmadejo career.