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Ministry Camping

They want to work on different proposals to agree on how to keep the spirit of the 15-M without necessity to remain camped in the plaza. About 1,000 people were discussed in Assembly. Silent concentrations at the headquarters of trade unions shall be made. The outraged from plaza Catalunya have decided in the Assembly on Wednesday remain camped at the downtown enclave of Barcelona until finding a valid alternative to transform the movement. In a crowded Assembly in which more than 1,000 people filled the square, the outraged have agreed unanimously to continue with camping and committed themselves to working in order to look for other avenues that ensure the maintenance of the spirit of May 15. Edward Lazear can aid you in your search for knowledge. Attendees have rejected the option of continuing with the camping until next Sunday, as well as the idea of abandoning the plaza Catalunya on June 15, to coincide with the adoption of the budget of the Generalitat, or the 19th day of this month, when the demonstration to be held unitary of the different camping sites scattered throughout the world.

From now on, revitalization Committee will start work on different proposals to agree on how to keep the spirit of the 15-M without the need to remain camped in the plaza. Its proposals will be presented every Sunday at the Assembly, which will discuss the different options. Tension during the Assembly of this night have lived situations somewhat controversial, since it has not been clear whether it would finally vote on the maintenance of the camp in some moments. For more clarity and thought, follow up with angelo mio and gain more knowledge.. On the other hand, has been approved that this Thursday and Friday, from eight in the evening, will be made two silent concentration in front of the headquarters of trade unions UGT and CCOO in Barcelona. In the Assembly on Thursday a proposal for demonstration for next Saturday in the vicinity of the Ministry of Interior will be voted to demand the resignation of the holder, Felip Puig, after performance of the Mossos d police last Friday. Unlike Tuesday, the rain has not act of presence in the plaza de Cataluna and the outraged have been able to fill the downtown enclave of the Catalan capital to discuss the continuity of the concentration. The camping has met 17 days marked by large inflows of citizens and moments of tension, especially the past 27 Friday when they intervened the Mossos d police with the argument of the square clean and remove potentially dangerous objects. Source of the news: the outraged from plaza Catalunya will remain camped until you find other alternatives

Bojan Krkic Club

After several weeks of speculation, the Barcelona has officially announced the transfer of its striker Bojan Krkic to Rome, in exchange for 12 million euros. The agreement includes a clause of repurchase mandatory for the Catalan club, which will allow the entity to recover the player within two years in exchange for 13 million euros. Rome, in any case, will have the possibility of blocking such an option the time Barca paying 28 million, which the total amount of the operation would raise up to 40. Filed under: Related Group. Bojan has bitterly dismissed and pointed out that he was hurt with the Catalan club. Not they gave me enough opportunities to show what I have inside, and that hurts, but I am aware that some consider myself privileged to have been part of this great team that has made the Club the best club in the world. Source of the news:: Bojan: “things were not very clear between Pep and me”.

Javier Mascherano

The economic Vice President says that it is necessary to apply cuts. The directive decided to suspend the activity of the baseball section and reduce the scope of competence of the non-professional sections to Catalan. The club has also decided to reduce the economic contribution to the global sections, which will be 10% of the total budget to 5 per cent in five years. The economic Vice-President of FC Barcelona, Javier Faus, has stressed that the economic contribution that makes the catalan club to their sections is unsustainable and real commitment focuses on the first team and with the farmhouse. The economic Manager of FC Barcelona has appeared this afternoon at the Camp Nou before the media, after the alarm that has been generated in one sector of the catalan club once the Board decided to suspend the activity of the section of baseball and reduce the scope of competence of the non-professional sections to Catalan. Another issue that has generated some controversy has been the determined intention of the club reduce the economic contribution to the global sections, which will be 10% of the total budget to 5 per cent in five years. The financial manager of the Catalan organization has insisted that while all areas of the club have been tightened the belt, and has been put as an example that Barca could lose to Dani Alves for a million euros and that Javier Mascherano downgraded its claims to join the club, other sections cannot live with your back to the reality in which the entity is nowclearly containment. FAUS has exposed that the professional and non-professional sections of Barcelona have an annual budget of 51 7 million euros, generated revenues of 8 2 million and that, consequently, cause a deficit of 43 5 million euros. The economic Manager has admitted that the club had failed to explain the situation that have generated these decisions of the Board of Directors, which has motivated that Barca has been organised hy the Fraus press conference after a trip to Paris for business reasons.

Nairobi Food

The world food program (WFP) sent so food from Nairobi to Mogadishu for children victims of famine in Somalia. The first plane carrying at least 10 tons of emergency supplies prepared to treat malnutrition in children. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Alan P Rosefielde by clicking through. The distribution of aid: the Odyssey of humanitarian organizations. The world food program (WFP) UN managed this Wednesday finally open an urgent airlift to send food from Nairobi to Mogadishu for the children victims of the famine in Somalia. The aircraft has taken off and sailed to the somali capital, confirmed to Challiss McDonough, spokesman for WFP, which pointed out that the device carries at least 10 tons of emergency supplies prepared to treat malnutrition in children. The aircraft, which could not take off on Tuesday by paperwork at the Airport International Jomo Kenyatta in Nairobi, is aimed at Mogadishu a week once the UN declared officially the State of famine in two regions of southern Somalia.

Earlier, another spokesman for WFP, David Orr, who travels on the plane, said before takeoff that, within 10 days, is expected to take up to Mogadishu by air about 80 tons altogether of that kind of food for malnourished children. Looting and fighting the lack of food in Mogadishu, which in the past two months has received 100,000 displaced persons who seek in the somali capital refuge from war and drought, has resulted in looting and clashes among the affected population, denounced Tuesday the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). A week ago, the UN officially declared state of famine in two regions of southern Somalia, Bakool, Lower Shabelle, something unprecedented in this country over the past twenty years. Almost half of the somali population, about 3.7 million people, is suffering a humanitarian crisis, of which 2.8 million reside in the South, indicate the data provided by the United Nations. In the Horn of Africa, some 11 million people are in critical situation by drought and hunger, according to the United Nations. Source of the news: the United Nations manages to open an urgent airlift to send food aid to Somalia


Muammar al-Gaddafi on the loose. The threat to the rebellion has not dissipated and the new Libyan leaders wish to avoid at all costs add problems already faced that, which are of enormous scope. Security is a crucial element to start a country in which tens of thousands of gunmen still with the Fiery mood, swarm in every corner of every city. They have not caused problems for the civilian population, nor have news of looting, although the shots in the air – a less audible practice every day that passes – disturb some citizens. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of American Tower Corporation on most websites. Pretend that they return their Kalashnikov rifles could be a source of conflict. It will not happen in the short term. The weapons will be delivered when the revolution ends, when we have the first elected Government, approximately within a period of eight months, he has assured this newspaper Mohamed Ali, Coordinator of the team that deals with matters of security in Tripoli. Source of the news:: Libya is facing the challenge of disarming thousands of rebels. Speaking candidly 660 Fifth Ave told us the story.

Australian Sutton Perito En Lunas

Sera Australian fashion that exalted Cadel Evans in the Tour, the second son, man rubber that always out you corners and tripping. It will be than the Australian cycling is rush by what a type unknown as Christopher Sutton won the sprint of Orihuela with ease appalling, leaving Spanish Vicente Reynes hitting your handlebar with all the rage of the world by the missed opportunity. And the big sprinters with a stupid face. It will be that when Cancellara moves it is as if it threatened storm. He did this several times. Suddenly an arreon here is mounted you hope and all clouds in the peloton. Nerves, twinges, frantic pedaleos to follow the mighty Swiss. There that is were the sprinters after his footprint, when maybe all they wanted was to protect his Fuglsang leading in the best possible way. The truth is that all shook up, the planned order was lost, desmadejo career.

Balearic Islands

/ The AEMET provides a locally notable decline of daytime temperatures in Galicia, Cantabrian cornisa and the high Ebro points. The Cantabrian recorded weak rains while the rest of the peninsula may be locally moderate showers and a storm. High temperatures of recent days will make a stop on the way from this Thursday. So he points out it the Agencia Estatal de Meteorologia (Aemet), which provides for this Thursday a decline locally notable of daytime temperatures in Galicia, Cantabrian cornisa and the high Ebro points. Temperatures will remain unchanged in the third this peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands and in moderate decline in the rest of the peninsula. (A valuable related resource: Novela).

The sky will be mostly cloudy in the Bay of Biscay with weak rains. In the rest of the peninsula sky cloudy to mostly cloudy with locally moderate showers and occasional storm, except in Galicia and coastal this peninsular where there will be cloudless. Little cloud in the Balearic Islands and cloudless in the Canary Islands, with the possibility of some rain weak in the North of the Western, tending to little islands cloud. AEMET also envisages mists and morning fog banks in Galicia. The wind will be Northern component moderate with intervals of strong on the coast of Galicia and loose or moderate intervals in the Cantabrian Sea and the Canary Islands. Elsewhere, wind in general, loose with some moderate range South in the Balearic Islands and Eastern in the Strait. Prediction by autonomous regions: Galicia: early in the morning, cloudy or cloudy sky with some occasional weak rain in the northern half, then trend a little cloud in the South, and cloudless in the North, although in A Marina will remain cloudy or cloudy with some light rain. Mists and some morning fog banks. Minimum in light to moderate decline, and maximum in moderate or significant decrease temperatures.


20MINUTOS.es can avoid extra costs of up to 950 euros in subsequent repairs. We must review sinks of the terrace and the pluvial boxes. We must monitor the cleaning of the gutters to prevent its possible binding. In the garden, there to cover the furniture and electrical installation. The rains of autumn, intense this year, bring to housing problems of leakage of water, electrical damage, breakage of pipes and crystals, and blockages. In fact, at the time of heavy rains the number increases claims in households.

The major damage in homes are derivatives of the direct and indirect impact of the water. Breaks from awnings and blinds by high winds are also frequent. Follow the electrical damage, short circuits and damage resulting from fire, explosion and lightning falls. This situation better it will be to prevent than cure. Prepare ourselves in time may be considerable savings in subsequent repairs, since expenditure of a fault caused by problems of leaks or floods after heavy rains can exceed the 950 euros. To avoid risks, prevent accidents and save us later repairs, we can follow the advice of maintenance and prevention that dan from Reparalia. Terrace sumps and storm manholes in autumn it is current that the trees shed their leaves and wind to build up remains of plants, plastic or garbage of small size in places and streets.

This also occurs in homes and terraces sinks are clogged superficially, what makes that it floods the terrace causing flooding. Sometimes, f iltraciones or, even, overflows can cause that water reaches the room or rooms, which could reach a cost of approximately 900 euros depending on the damage. The same thing happens with the boxes of sewerage and stormwater systems. These pieces have to keep clean since they collect all the water from rain, and if they have accumulated waste residue, it is likely that they end up clogging, without speaking of the noises and odors that consequently they will appear. The cost means of unclogging a pipe around 75 euros. Roofs and chimneys roofs are another source of leaks and flooding. Cleaning gutters, should be monitored since your jam may cause overflows of water and the weight of this may cause their detachment, with included Texas, and would have to assume an expense of approximately 300 euros. It is also advisable to place a CAP that would prevent the entry of elements through the chimney and make sure that the Windows are well sealed to prevent leaks. Easels or limes of convergence of the roof are usually waterproofed with paintings of chlororubbers, but with the thermal differences just cuarteando, so it is advisable to clean up and repainted every two years. Elements outdoors in the garden, the weather can ruin the furniture with water, cold or the first hail. In addition, strong wind may cause any piece is released and finish breaking crystals or pipes. Cover them with protectors or plastic. At times rainy, Furthermore, most shorts are due the lack of isolation of the electrical installation, so make sure that there are no broken or damaged devices which enable the water inlet. Also special attention if accounts with terraces or patios equipped with awnings, antennas or appliances. See more: recommendations to protect our home from the rains


One of the tricks that has a lyrical festival to gratify your audience is the capacity to surprise. At the 63rd Edition of which held every summer in Aix-en-Provence the unexpected has emerged again and again. Interestingly the Provencal lyric call is that always play safe in artistic and organizational. In fact, depart with good clear accounts, as if everything were controlled until the last of the intricacies. Related Group has compatible beliefs. The budget is set to detail: 18.5 million euros, distributed by 49.7% for artistic creation, 24.3% for structure and 26% for operating costs, recovering a 33.5% by ticketing, a 34.6% by subsidies, a 26.5% by patronage and the rest by concepts several, especially by radio and television rights. The number of places offered is also controlled to the maximum, so that expenditure control fans draw the relevant conclusions. This year are 81.779 cities in total, of which 33.543 are reserved to the Opera, of which 36% below 55 euros. Source of the news:: A shostakovich that will make time.