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Main sources: books, manuals and design articles in the scientific and methodological journals, collections of scientific and scientific and methodical works, conference materials, web pages on the Internet. When they are used to correct registration of their references, as discussed below. Can also be used unpublished materials. In the case of manuscripts is indicated in parentheses after the name of the source. If you are using an oral statement by the expert, it is also mentioned in the text of the paper. Footnotes are drawn at the bottom of the function Insert / Reference / Footnote. In a footnote, is required to specify the full name of the source (copied from the list of references) and the page numbers.

(See sample) All primary sources in the footnotes and bibliography, but the author and title work should be named publisher and year of publication, the total number of pages. Magazine and newspaper articles in the footnotes and the references are made as follows, first name and initials written in the article's author, then the name of the article. Then, through the / / name of the magazine or newspaper, where they were published, year of publication issue number, page. Footnotes are made single-spaced, no indent. FOOTNOTES requires absolutely all the papers Including exchange of psychology (the modern requirements of universities). Number of footnotes and references at least one on each page. Footnotes are placed in quotations, definitions from various sources, taken from the sources of the formulas, examples, tables, figures, statistics – that is, the borrowed material. EXAMPLES OF EXCHANGE OF CONTENTS Introduction 1.

The essence and importance of voluntary activities of students 1.1. Self work of students, its symptoms and conditions for the organization. 1.2. Classification of individual works 1.3. The value of individual works in teaching younger pupils Conclusions 2. Analysis and conducting experimental work on study the problem of 2.1. General characteristics of primary school children, their learning and play activities 2.2. Preparation and conducting of pedagogical experiment 2.3. Our analysis Findings Conclusions References Application Help-Diplom.Ru Coursework in Psychology

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Topics of issue: Moscow turned into a landfill. The Third World War because of global warming? This autumn is the warmest in the history of the Arctic. 2009 – year of the gorilla. A rare natural phenomenon of the desert bloom – occurs in the north Chile. —- Review article World War III because of global warming? Head of Rosprirodnadzor proposes to create a single agency for the environment. Moscow could turn into a huge garbage dump. Global Warming Climate promise of a third world war? Biofuels in Russia will be extended through at least 5 years.

Violent floods played out in many parts of the world. Environmental savings: European ban incandescent bulbs in Japanese give gifts for the eco-friendly shopping. Autumn 2008 was the warmest in the history of the Arctic. Scientists have discovered the longest beetle in the world and deer, which was considered extinct. Conservationists want to declare 2009 the Year of the Gorilla. —- A short overview of the major environmental news for the week. —- Bigfoot tracks found in the Yamal Salekhard hunter found and filmed on a mobile phone camera tracks, similar to human, but much excess of their size, at 10-12 km from Salekhard (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District) … —- Rosprirodnadzor not allowed to shoot bears starving in the Altai Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources (Rosprirodnadzor) refused the request of professionals Altai reserve shoot hungry bears that hold more than a month in fear of the inhabitants of two villages, told RIA Novosti on Monday, the chief forester reserve Sergey Varganov.