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European Association

Tax school Dr. Endriss is a co-founder of ‘ European Association for training organization (EATO)’ Cologne, 17.07.2012: seven leading continuing education provider from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland established the Association of EATO in Dresden on 23.05.2012. First President is Dr. Axel Endriss. The main objective of the Association is to promote activities which focus on the performance of education and training organizations and promote. The Association has its seat in Cologne, first elected President is Dr.

Axel Endriss, Managing Director of the tax College Dr. Endriss GmbH & co. KG in Cologne. The seven founding members represent a total twelve thousand free and permanent employees. The concern of the EATO founder says Dr. Endriss: we stand as an association active for the professionalisation of training in Europe. This requires a training oriented strictly to the benefit of the customer, which massively gaining importance especially in times of demographic change for companies such as employees. It is also essential that training organizations actively participate in political and social decision-making and the decision-making process and these creative shape from our point of view.” The founding members are among the market leaders in your segments.

Their customer orientation they have certifications like AZWV, ISO or the award Germany’s customer orientiertester service providers”out. The will to above-average performance in customer service also proves that all founding members with the highest performance rank of the international training center rating with five stars are excellent. These certifications are also remains important and right for us as a provider. We strive to but beyond a single, overarching standard across all segments of the training period for the qualification of our participants”, so Dr. Axel Endriss next. So the Association Mission has provided, cross-border the understanding of quality in educational organizations promote, to serve as a platform for the exchange of, deeper to analyze the educational markets, and to connect with public officials and institutions in a dialogue. In the framework of association activities, other services and training are developed for member organizations. More information about the club activities and for interested parties who want to join the Association, can be found in the near future on the Internet at. Learn more about the tax College Dr. Endriss. About control Fachschule Dr. Endriss GmbH & Co KG currently the tax College Dr. Endriss serves approximately 9,000 participants who qualify around 500 nationwide conducted teaching and courses can be. Companies and administrations use the in-house training facilities and let their staff in current tax law question or practice seminars such as the E-account balance, transfer pricing, accounting & v. m. on the latest install. For many professional practitioners in the tax, finance and accounting, which is for six decades dedicated school steady companion, since know-how in this field requires constant updating. The tax College Dr. Endriss belongs to the Amadeus FiRe group, providing needs-based and flexible staffing solutions through the hiring and placement of specialists and executive staff in the divisions of accounting, Office, banking and IT-services.

Transfer To Secondary Schools

With the Hubbard learning, parents can help their children easier to make the transition to a secondary school in fourth grade the first points for the future school career are set. Jorge Perez is open to suggestions. The grade point average decides whether a student has the opportunity to go or not to a secondary school. The tuition – and language school Garcia & Karkhanis helps students in preparation for the conversion with an effective way of learning. The summer holidays are now over, and the school has again entered. For many students, who are now in the fourth grade, arises the question whether they make it to a high school or not. Of course the corresponding notes are the deciding factor.

The idea that your child already has reached the required grade point average to the testimony of the crossing, since otherwise, an entrance exam is required applies to many parents. Of course, there are children, the fourth grade school stuff very easy and the consistently good Write notes. In these cases will set the required conversion notes without extra effort. There are also students who exhibit fluctuations in power or bring already deficits from the previous school years. Of course, it can happen that due to some slip up the aim of the transfer is just missed or the services from the outset did not suffice and participating in the trial lesson is necessary. For many parents it has become already a matter of course, to give all possible assistance to the child so that the way of the future is also levelled in the transition year. Some children can easily help themselves, for others, it may be that we encounter violent resistance. Additional practice and in-depth study of the course material requires of course more time and this means less space and time for hobbies.

The quest by a possible high-quality education their child is an important issue for many parents. To achieve this, it is important, as is his Child can help. In the tuition – and language school Garcia & Karkhanis, parents and students learn how to effectively learn and bypasses learning barriers. Students who bring already deficits from the last years of schooling, can be tested and are placed on the current level of performance. The Hubbard learning helps to overcome learning obstacles, so that students can acquire knowledge, understand it, and also apply it out of the way. More information: tuition – and language school Garcia & Karkhanis, Nibelungen Street 15, 90513 Zirndorf, contact: Marita Grubl Tel: 0911 / 6002044 WEB: eMail:

Managing Director Student

Start the current survey of the education barometer Gelsenkirchen, December 2009. The demands on the education increase from pages of the school and the parents. “Scientific research has repeatedly shown that the effectiveness of” school, i.e. the school success, much of a (successful) cooperation of parents, students and teachers depends on. The Centre for empirical educational research of the University of Koblenz-Landau, campus Landau and aid for students want to know how is made the relationship between parents and teachers and the cooperation works.

Therefore the two facilities calling all interested in education, to participate in the next education barometer. The online survey at the address dezember09.bildungsbarometer.de is from December until the 15.1.2010. The cooperation between parents and teachers an important role for the educational development of children has been proven”, explains Prof. Dr. Reinhold S. Jager, Managing Director of the Center for empirical educational research (zepf) of the University of Koblenz-Landau, campus Landau.

“” The results of the survey be also rise to a joint discussion of all those involved, so that school increasingly can comply with the, what they want to do: children to promote and contribute to the success of life to afford. “We experience it every day, that parents have reservations with the teachers of their children and ask us to make contact with the school”, confirms Norbert Milte, Managing Director of student aid due to its many years of experience from the practice. “The student aid as a neutral instance can convey in this very emotional relationship for the benefit of the student.” The education barometer is a joint initiative of the Centre for empirical educational research (zepf) of the University of Landau and student aid.