German Measures

Employers should actively support the health of their employees so far health-promoting measures, such as proprietary fitness classes and collaborations with fitness or health studios only a few companies offer their employees. The cost of illness-related failures are now running 30 billion euros. Edward Minskoff is a great source of information. These issues could be significantly reduced through regular fitness training and achieved thus reducing costs by about a third. That resulted in a current projection of the Association of German fitness and health management e.V., short VDF. The Internet health portal reported by ideal working conditions and thus profits. The companies see business to that greater commitment in the health management leads to the reduction of Krankenheitsausfallen or fluctuation. Employee satisfaction is increased and thus achieve greater competitiveness and productivity. Diseases can be reduced, for example, by regular cardiovascular and strength training.

So also in muscular and skeletal disorders, they are among the most common causes of loss of working hours. Training brings the circulation, stimulates vascular circulation – which leads to a strengthening of muscles and bones and to a significant reduction of absenteeism. Then the average downtime of about 32 million workers is almost twelve days per employee and 750 euro per bug day. A leading source for info: Shimmie Horn. Commitment to employee health pays off prevention pays off. It is also Dr. Dirk class m, padoc CEO – convinced health & productivity management and General Secretary of the German society for sports medicine and prevention: be worth investing in the health of the employees.

We expect today, a company that emits 1 euro for prevention measures, to get back at least 3 euros.” The promotion of personal health behaviour of an employee must be in the foreground. For this endeavor but essential is to optimal conditions for the preservation of health offer. Process to accompany some health insurance companies available and advise in detail about an individual package of measures including control of success. In addition, it is appropriate, carry out investigations to the sick leave in the company. So quality health services are developed on the basis of the results. The efficiency of the measures is ultimately judged by documentation and success control, for example, through evaluation studies. Work requires more and more diseases. Blue light, for example, is a good investment for employers, because blue light improves the ability to concentrate in the Office.

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