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Generic Pharmaceutical Association

Active antidzhenericheskaya policy pursued by the developer of original products, led to the very term has acquired a kind of generic abusiveness. Meanwhile, it had no objective basis: the generic contains the same active drug substance (substance) as the original (patented) product, it may be different from the original drug excipients (inactive ingredients, excipients, preservatives, dyes, etc.) and differences were observed in the technological process of production of generics. The advantages of generic drugs include lower cost due to competition and (usually) a great experience using the product in practice. Low price generic drugs due to the fact that the development of a new original drug firms spend about 15 years, and research activities are in many directions at once. Up to 90% of the projects – the potential of new products – to "finish" are not effective and do not go to the market. Development costs of these drugs have to compensate by increasing the selling price of one or two drugs that proved successful. Firms that produce generics do not invest heavily in creating new drugs, their task – create a technology product, released from patent protection.

This and more affordable for the consumer cost of medications. Ron Beit often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Generics have virtually every drug. Generics have the same medicinal properties, because they contain the same active ingredients as the original drug. Side effects of generic and brand match too. Generics are buying more often than the originals, even in affluent countries such as U.S. or Sweden. Generics have been, are and will be. They allow to solve many issues neprostnye drug supply and public health facilities.

And it is about those drugs that global health science and practice have identified as the most effective and appropriate. Thus, many generic drugs included in the standards of treatment of serious central nervous system of socially significant diseases, cancer, etc. 55% of generic market keep the 5 major players in this segment: Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Sandoz, Watson Pharmaceuticals, Mylan, Barr Laboratories. Today, biogenerics, ie, Generics obtained by biotechnological methods, are considered as the most promising directions for further development of the whole generic industry. In February 2008, the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) has given approval for the first biogenerics – they became the biogenerics, created by experts of the company Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. Prior to that, no generic, obtained biotechnological means, not admitted to the European Union. In the near future, this product will get permission to distribute in the EU and will be sold under the trade name TevGrastim (filgrastim). At the moment largest manufacturers of generics represented on the Russian market, working on the idea of a Generic Association, similar to the Association of the U.S. generics – Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GPhA) and Europe-European Generic Medicines Association (EGA).

Disease And Death

Auric colors of the clothes react with the aura of a man provoking an interference, but she blocks it, thus changing aupu. For example: blue shirt will flood the natural aupu yellow tint. Even a neutral colored clothing makes aupu dull, it will be difficult to see. The disease manifests itself in the aura of a diverse array of options, sometimes days or weeks before the appearance of any physical symptoms. Ear infection, for example, will show up as a shadow over the ear. Gradually this will become zatemlenie color khaki. In If the disease develops, there will be orange and red areas, similar to the chamber. Khaki with orange and red areas are usually formed when any disease.

The death of a person: When a person dies, transformation aupy dramatic. I studied aupy people with terminal cancer a few weeks before his death. Initially, the aura fades and weakens, and later, in about a week before her death, she begins to expand, changing its tone on the aura of a beautiful pale sky-blue, with silver sparks shoot through. In addition, the aura that reflects the feelings and thoughts of a man, there is a definite feature. Sometimes, in the aura reveals the physical problem of the body. If you have any pain, it is usually detected color spot in your aura. The colors produced by thoughts of man, will glow and change, moving a train of thought, and the colors that convey emotion, usually have tend to move or float. Illnesses associated with the color will be motionless, and usually they have corners or form, and the shape does not change.

When you move a body color stains will be recorded in a special place. Sometimes disease is difficult to consider due to the fact that the luminescence due to illness, acts entirely within the body and does not manifest itself on the outside. However, this can be found very rarely. How do I see an aura? The Institute human dimensions of a doctor who performs diagnostic tool for studying human disease of his aura. A long time ago, he found that learning to read an aura, you can just look at the man and read all are in the form of his aura. You immediately decide that this person is not so. You do not need x-rays or results of any tests. Just look at the aura, and you make the correct diagnosis. Many can do it, and this This doctor teaches. All people have the ability to see the aura, unless they have some serious emotional or physical problems.