Automotive Painting

Car paint defects can occur for different reasons. Moreover, these reasons may arise as to the color of the car, and during it, and even after. The most common defect that occurs before painting – this is the formation of flakes. Thicket of it arises from the fact that the dilution of paint thinner was chosen incorrectly. If you would like to know more then you should visit Nir Barzilai, M.D.. This leads to the fact that the paint is minimized and is not suitable for consumption. Most nasty bug that occurs in the process of painting a car – it smudges. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Daryl Katz and gain more knowledge..

Causes stains when painting a lot, we list the most basic. The most common reason – it is causing too thick layer of paint, especially slow drying. Indirectly, this result could spray gun too close proximity to the substrate. Violation of technology for preparation of paint, namely, too much dilution it also leads to stains. Streaks are often formed by painting elements of the car after repairs. In this case, the defect may occur due to uneven absorption of paint painted surface, ie when the base is covered with soil renovated area.

A lot of problems can occur after a process of painting the car. If the paint was badly filtered and there are solid particles, then the painted surface appears rough grit. The effect of "orange peel" on the painted surface may be due to incompatibility with paint thinner or its rapid evaporation, and also because of the color-paint, too far removed from the substrate. Putty on areas where the paint is absorbed more rapidly, can form opaque spots. Before painting Such surfaces should be covered by a layer of soil. When the local elements of painting the car body may be mismatching colors of the new and old paint. Master, who must carry out the fit of color, must consider that as a result of aging changes the color of old flooring, and fresh painted surface after drying becomes a darker shade. In order not to collide with the above-mentioned problems can be if necessary, recommend painting auto seek specialized car service, where they will perform the work professionally and efficiently, using high-tech equipment.

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